Fan Art: Leia

Princess Leia Organa Skywalker Solo is an iconic figure in Star Wars. I feel like I didn’t appreciate her enough in the early days, but I’m making up for it! She’s a remarkable character, played by a remarkable actress. Here’s some loving fan art for you to peruse (I don’t own any of the following, all rights belong to the individual artists):

I love this art nouveau-style Leia.

Megan Lara,

This is a great portrait of Leia in repose, with the weight of the galaxy on her shoulders.

Princess Leia art. The beautiful Carrie Fisher. A4 size gloss photo print of the delightful actress

This doesn’t really look like her, but there’s something about this painting of Cloud City Leia that speaks to me. Her pride and dignity are apparent here.

Our Princess, our General.

This is a lovely portrayal of Jedi Knight Leia, which I think we all would have loved to see.

Leia Organa Solo - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Leia Solo, by Therese Nielson,

General Organa is perhaps my favorite incarnation of Leia.

“General Leia Organa”

If you like what you see here, go to the artist sites and show them some love!

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It’s Pilot Appreciation Day!

Who’s your favorite Star Wars pilot? Here’s a list of contenders…

“He was the best starpilot in the galaxy.” Even though most of his missions ended up with crash landings.

Anakin Skywalker

He destroyed the first Death Star. Without his computer.

Luke Skywalker

I never understood the Wedge obsession, but okay. He’s cool. Bonus points for being Obi-Wan’s uncle in real life.

Wedge Antilles

He made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. You know the story. (If you haven’t watched Solo, watch it NOW).

Han Solo

A trigger-happy flyboy…and the Resistance’s star pilot.

Poe Dameron

He’s the son of Solo, so…duh. Bonus points for not killing his Mom.

Kylo Ren

Wish I knew of some excellent female pilots. Maybe Rey counts? Anyone know of other great female pilots? Let me know in the comments!

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Star Wars Fan Art: If only…

There’s so much tragedy in Star Wars, it’s understandable that some fans visualize our favorite characters in better circumstances. What if things hadn’t gone so horribly wrong? Here’s a few scenarios (I own none of the following, all rights belong to the original artists):

The Skywalker family on the beach. I love the idea of Uncle Obi-Wan.

I found this on twitter and thought id share this here. - PrequelMemes
Baby Talk,

I think most of us would love to see Ahsoka meet Luke, Leia, and still-innocent little Ben Solo, with a vision of Anakin at his best. You can still see the reluctance on Leia’s face to admire her father.

ArtStation - The Legend of Anakin Skywalker, by Daniel de Almeida e Silva. "After watch the final episode of Star Wars Rebels, I couldn't stop thinking that a encounter like that could happen sometime. So, as a fan, I had decide to draw that moment when Ahsoka Tano finally meet the children of her beloved friend. Luke and Leia (with young Ben Solo in her arms), in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, listening the countless stories from the Clone Wars and finally learning about the legend of Ana
Skywalker, by Daniel de Almeida

This sweet scene is well within the realm of possibility; one just wishes it could have presaged better times for the Solo family.

Han and Ben before it all went wrong...

The Ben Solo that Should Have Been. Sigh. I love that he’s wearing his father’s dice, and has a good blaster by his side.

Amelia Lola罗 -SW spoilers- on Twitter: "Ben Solo my babey!! Just like his dad and proud of it. I love drawing him like this :'))… "
Amelia Lola,

If only he could have held her…one last time. I love the busted eye lens, so he can look on her with his own vision. More manga emotion.

Star Wars anime artwork by 01091006 (Subaru) - Album on Imgur

This might actually come to pass, if the Mandalorian Season Two rumors are true. What could be more wonderful than Ahsoka and The Child? The light and depth perception in this painting is incredible.

35 Cool Pics and Memes to Entertain Your Brain.
S. Menyhei,

The amazing talent of Star Wars fans continues to amaze me. If you like what you see here, go to the artists’ websites and show them some love!

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Lightsaber Fighting Forms

Even though I’ve been a Star Wars fan for many years, I’ve only recently discovered that there are different fighting styles that Jedi Knights use. Not only that, but there are seven different forms, and each Jedi ultimately chooses which style they most identify with, though they will use whichever one serves their purpose at the time.

The loremasters out there are probably thinking: Well, duh. What Outer Rim asteroid have you been hiding on? But I honestly had no idea, and to tell you the truth, I think it’s awesome. The more I dig around and learn about the Star Wars universe, the richer it becomes.

Anyway, this overview of the seven fighting styles is a fairly simple explanation, and is mostly for me to keep it straight and remember the basics. If you’re new to it, here’s a basic introduction:

The Way of the Saber: 7 Forms of Lightsaber Combat

  • Form I: Shii-Cho. The basic moves all younglings learn.
  • Form II: Makashi. Also called Contention Form. Count Dooku is a practitioner.
  • Form III: Soresu. Also called Resilience Form. Obi-Wan is a practitioner.
  • Form IV: Ataru. Also called Aggresion Form. Yoda is a practitioner.
  • Form V: Shien & Djem So. Anakin Skywalker is a practitioner.
  • Form VI: Niman. Darth Maul is a practitioner.
  • Form VII: Juyo & Vaapad. Mace Windu created and uses the Juyo variation Vaapad.

The next time I watch any of the films, I’m going to look very closely at the lightsaber duels and see if I can recognize the forms.

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More Fan Art: Romance

Love has always been an important part of Star Wars, whether romantic, parental, or just the love of friendship. I’ve found a lot of beautiful fan art showcasing romance that I wanted to share here. (I don’t own any of the following, all rights belong to the individual artists).

Obi-Wan and Satine from Clone Wars. My favorite relationship besides Han and Leia.

Promise by InnoYou on DeviantArt...Awww Obi Wan and Satine
Promise, by InnoYou on

Anakin and Padme from the prequels. Love the manga feel.

naps on Twitter: "That one time Obata (Death Note artist) drew Anakin and Padme… "
Takeshi Obata

I’m just getting to know Kanan and Hera from Rebels.

JankaLatechova on

Han and Leia from the Original Trilogy.

If you’re an Expanded Universe fan, we can’t forget Luke and Mara Jade.

Luke and Mara Jade
Chris Trevas,

Though technically not a couple, I believe Cassian and Jyn from Rogue One would have been close given the chance.

RebelCaptain ~ “Whatever I do, I do it to protect you” This is one of like FIVE rebelcaptain pics I plan on… I have sketched the others just have to finish them >_>. We need more rebelcaptain fanart...

No matter how you feel about Reylo, there’s some gorgeous fan art showing their potential relationship.

Ohmygoodness credit to the artist of this one! They've done an amazing job!
Veroon Stejsed

I’m continually stunned by the artistic talent of Star Wars fans, and will continue to share some of my favorites.

If you like what you see, visit the artist sites and show them some love!

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The Empire Strikes Back

My husband I watched The Empire Strikes Back on Sunday afternoon at our local movie theater. I still love everything about it, but what I loved the most was that I was watching it in the very same theater I had first seen it in 40 years ago as a kid.

Oh, the theater’s different, that’s for sure. It’s a multiplex now, has been for decades, but when I first saw Empire with friends at ten years old, it was the only movie playing, in a theater that was designed as a throwback to its old vaudeville days. It was still a thrill to watch the familiar words scrawl up the big screen, and even though I’ve seen this movie probably a few dozen times and know it like the back of my hand, I settled back into the seat for what I knew was going to be a treat.

In honor of ESB’s 40th birthday, I thought I’d list a few of my favorite moments from this, my favorite SW film:

  • AT-AT assault on Hoth.
coolpops: “ That Armor’s Too Strong for Blasters | Jock - Follow Artist on Instagram // Twitter // BigCartel • More Jock’s Artworks • More Star Wars Related Artworks ”
My first space battle! Well, alien planet battle.
  • Pre-prequel Yoda.
the empire strikes back star wars gif
Prequel Yoda was badass, but I’ll always prefer OT Yoda: prankster, teacher, wise one.
  • That kiss.
Pin for Later: An Important Reminder of How Hot Han Solo Is This Sexy Kiss
He really is a nice man, by the way.
  • That other kiss.
Han Solo Kisses Princess Leia from The Best Star Wars Movie Moments Ever | E! Online
I love this, too. They know.
  • Luke battles Darth Vader.
The 76 Most Beautiful Shots In The Original "Star Wars" Trilogy
Iconic, thrilling, edge-of-your seat dueling. And leads up to the most shocking reveal in movie history. You know it to be true.

Come to think of it, I love everything about this movie: the scenes, the dialogue, the humor, the music, the feels. Every. Single. Thing. Even Threepio’s constant complaining didn’t grate on me that much this time around. I suppose that’s true with every SW movie–I love them all–but there’s something about this one…it’s the one that made me fall in love with Star Wars, with Harrison Ford, with space fantasy, with storytelling, with everything I love about the movies.

It’s special, and it always will be.

How do you rank ESB in the Star Wars universe? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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Star Wars Fan Art: Obi-Wan

Hello there!

I’m in the middle of an Obi-Wan Kenobi obsession right now, so here’s a fan art tribute (I don’t own any of it; all rights belong to the individual artists):

I love how this one focuses on the love of the master, and the grief of the apprentice.

Injured qui-gon and young obi-Wan
Injured Qui Gon and Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan in his prime during the Clone Wars. I love the pensiveness here.

My blog for Obi-Wan with a side of Qui-Gon and Anakin.
A More Civilized Age.

Satine looking at Obi-Wan with joy and love; Obi-Wan looking weary, of being a General and of war, and perhaps regretting what could have been. “Had you said the word, I would have left the Jedi Order.”

Asphodelus  by Ashlee Casey  #StarWars #Art #Obi_Wan #Kenobi #Love
Obi-Wan and Satine, by Ashlee Casey.

Obi-Wan alone in the desert fills me with deep sadness. I can’t imagine his loneliness and grief. But Tatooine’s desert was a crucible that burned away everything extraneous, and left wisdom and compassion.

Hermit Obi Wan Kenobi by AvdeevIgor | Fan Art | 2D | CGSociety
Hermit Obi-Wan Kenobi.

That compassion is shown here after he kills Maul, the creature that killed his Master and the woman he loved.

"Old Wounds" by Daniel De Almeida. : StarWars
Old Wounds, by Daniel De Almeida.

I love this character in all his phases; to me, he’s a great Jedi, and a wise human being.

These artists are amazing! If you like what you see, go to their sites to see more and show your love!

Catching Up on Clone Wars

Once upon a time, I didn’t hold the Star Wars prequels in very high regard. When they came out around twenty years ago, I was disappointed and not impressed. I grew up with the Original Trilogy, you see, and I didn’t get a Round Two of the OT. Why I expected this is beyond me, but I quickly dismissed them and didn’t give them another thought, really.

When the sequel trilogy came out, I absolutely LOVED them, and they plunged me back into a Star Wars obsession I haven’t experienced since I was a kid. This caused me to explore all manner of Star Wars media, and have since realized we’re living in a golden age of SW, in my opinion. I caught up on Rogue One (amazing!) and Solo (fun!), watched The Mandalorian (cool!), and have since read several canon books (see my sister blog, The Star Wars Reader, for my book reviews). I’ve even rewatched the prequels and found a new appreciation for them. It’s all great, it’s all fun, and I’m loving every minute of it.

However, I hadn’t watched The Clone Wars, which I was hearing all about in my social media feeds, especially the last upcoming Season 7. Up until then I hadn’t seriously considered watching it, as it dealt with prequel-era stuff, and, well, it was a cartoon, right? “I ain’t watching no cartoon!” I told myself.

Get some Star Wars The Clone Wars wallpaper HD images of Ahsoka Tano Darth Maul Star Wars season 7 animated TV show art Cover Screenshots to use as iPhone android wallpaper phone backgrounds  #CloneWars #StarWarsCloneWars #StarWars #TVshow #android #phone #wallpaper #backgrounds #download #AndroidWallpaper

But the hype leading up to Season 7 was compelling and caught my attention. What’s the big deal? I wondered. People my age (the other side of 40) were watching this “cartoon” and loving it. I got the sneaking suspicion I was missing out on something important.

So I watched the first few episodes on Disney+. And while the animation was impressive (not cartoonish at all, but more like CGI video game kind of stuff), as far as the storylines went, I thought, “Meh.” What I wanted was the good stuff I was hearing about in Season 7. So I started there: I watched Season 7 first.

Star_Wars on Instagram: “Clone Wars:season 7 Anakin Skywalker . . . . . . #clonewars #starwars #disneyplus #disneyworld #anakinskywalker #season7 #disney #lightside”

And was blown away by what I saw. I was familiar enough with the Star Wars universe and the characters not to be totally lost, and it was pretty damn amazing. This was movie-quality stuff, and the last few episodes were gripping and tragic, the other side of Order 66 that we don’t see in Revenge of the Sith. I liked the character of Ahsoka, and absolutely loved Captain Rex and the Clones, who up until then were just faceless drones to me. I needed to know more about them all, and so I decided to watch Season 6. And then Season 5. And 4, and so on.

I was watching it backwards, but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on this great Star Wars material. I’m obsessed. I love the Mandalorian arcs–I now know more about the Dark Saber, which showed up at the end of The Mandalorian (I had no idea what it was, and was like, huh? Wat dat?). I love that Obi-Wan had a love interest (who knew?). I’m fairly in love with Obi-Wan myself now; I love his quips, his courage, his kindness, and his strength in adhering to the Jedi Code.

The dark side is doing selfies,why not us?

And I definitely like Anakin much more in Clone Wars than in the movies. No disrespect to Hayden Christensen, who is a fine actor, but the character of Anakin just never clicked with me. He’s much more likable in Clone Wars, which only makes his fall to the Dark Side more tragic to me. The clues are there, but for the most part, he’s a great character here.

I admit, I skipped a few episodes, namely the droid adventures, and a few with Ahsoka and the younglings. Some arcs are more interesting than others. I especially love the ones about the Clones, Rex and Echo and Fives, and so many others. My heart broke with 99, and the Bad Batch were a scream.

Clone Wars First Look: "Old Friends Not Forgotten" |
Captain Rex

Basically, Clone Wars caused me to fall in love with prequel-era Star Wars, which is a great gift. I’m looking forward to watching Rebels, as well, and gaining even more appreciation for Rebellion-era Star Wars. It’s all great, it’s all fun, and I’m so lucky to have this galaxy far, far away in my life.

MaulFrk — spockvarietyhour:   Maul showing off his legs
Darth Maul