The Mandalorian: Fan Art

I’ve done several posts on Star Wars fan art, and it was great fun. I haven’t done one for The Mandalorian yet, and I’ve found some great artwork that I wanted to share. Enjoy!

This one is absolutely lovely, with Grogu touching Din’s face as in the final episode of Season Two. The blue butterflies are a nice touch.

Cecilia G.F.,

I love how this one shows the two faces of Din Djarin.

carousel image 0

This one is a whimsical, colorful rendition of Din, Grogu, and Ahsoka. I love her staff (the one we see her with at the end of Rebels) leaning against the tree.


This is a great one of Din and Grogu with Cara Dune. I love that shiny, iridescent armor!

Laurens Spruit,

I’m guessing that’s one of Tatooine’s suns reflecting off Din’s helmet in this great piece.

Liam Brazier,

And because my daughter constantly plays Fortnite, I just had to include this official screen art. Baby looks like he’s having a blast as Din shoots off laser bolts.

Official loading screen art for Fortnite.

Hope you enjoyed this fantastic fan art. There’s so much great talent out there, I’m sure I’ll be posting more now and then as I can’t help myself. Do you have some favorite Star Wars fan art, or make your own? Share in the comments below!

Image of Grogu with Ball courtesy of He-Be,

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4 thoughts on “The Mandalorian: Fan Art

  1. Awesome selection of artwork! I am unfortunately NOT an artist, but I love art and comic books, so I collect artwork. I have a sketchbook where I get Star Wars drawings by different artists. Due to the pandemic there haven’t been any comic book conventions in the last year, so I haven’t gotten any Mandalorian characters in the book yet. I did, however, just get a drawing in it of Ahsoka Tano by comic artist Brian Kong, who lives relatively close by to me. Here’s the links where you can see all the sketches:

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    1. Nice, thank you! I’m a bit jealous of people who can draw and paint, but I’m so glad they share it so we can enjoy it too! Lots of talented people out there. That’s a neat hobby, collecting people’s sketches of Star Wars characters. I love it!

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