Star Wars: Minor Character Showcase–Beaumont Kin

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Dominic Monaghan as Beaumont Kin

One of the minor characters in The Rise of Skywalker that I noticed right away was Beaumont Kin, the Sith expert who commented on Palpatine’s return with the dread words, “Dark science. Cloning. Secrets only the Sith knew.”

This was, of course, Dominic Monaghan, who played the Hobbit Merry in The Lord of the Rings, and Charlie Pace in Lost, characters that I love. He’s instantly recognizable; and that usually means I can’t get into any new character an actor plays because I’m seeing their iconic roles instead.

But Beaumont Kin was a small enough role that I could get on board, and I wanted to know more about him. Most of what we know about him is from the comic Ghosts of Kashyyyk Parts 1-3. Kin takes part in a mission to free Kashyyyk from a First Order blockade (why does everyone pick on poor Kashyyyk? The Wookiee homeworld got stepped on during the Clone Wars, by the Empire, and by the First Order).

Anyway, we find out that Kin joined the Resistance after his parents told him he was “useless.” Before that, he was an historian, and was particularly interested in the early Republic era after the vanquishing of the Sith. He visited many ancient Jedi and Sith sites in his quest to learn more about them. This is how he was able to help Rey translate the ancient Jedi texts she’d taken from Ach-To.

He was fluent in nine languages, and was on track to become the youngest professor at Lerct Historical Institute. When Hosnian Prime was destroyed by the First Order he abandoned education and became a captain in the Intelligence Division of the Resistance.

Kin, as seen in The Rise of Skywalker, took part in the battle of Exegol in the ground assault on the Star Destroyer Steadfast.

Beaumont Kin, Star Wars Adventures
Ghosts of Kashyyyk, by John Barber.

Monaghan got the role of Beaumont Kin in a rather unorthodox way: he won a bet against J.J. Abrams on the FIFA World Cup. So Abrams wrote the part of Kin with Monaghan in mind.

I just love that Monaghan was in three of my favorite stories: LOTR, Star Wars, and Lost (I don’t care how it ended, I love it, lol).

A Star Wars Book Review Podcast: Bloodline

So here’s the podcast I’ve been yapping about lately. It’s short and sweet, basically just me reading off a tweaked hard copy of my review that I posted on The Star Wars Reader. I’m hoping to get better and a little more interesting as I go along, lol. Somehow.

Most Wanted, by Rae Carson The Star Wars Reader

I share my thoughts on the young adult novel Most Wanted, by Rae Carson. 
  1. Most Wanted, by Rae Carson
  2. Queen's Shadow, by E.K. Johnston
  3. Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel, by James Luceno
  4. Heir to the Jedi, by Kevin Hearne
  5. Kenobi, by John Jackson Miller

What do you think? Any advice for a newbie podcaster? Be honest, I can take it, lol.

Star Wars The Bad Batch: Episode Two–Cut and Run

Welp, it looks like we’ve got another space dad on our hands, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

As soon as I knew the Bad Batch we’re going to visit Cut Lawquane, I had a feeling Hunter would try to leave Omega there. It’s the whole Mandalorian thing all over again, when Din Djarin wanted to leave Grogu with the pretty lady on the nice planet. The would-be father doesn’t believe he can–or should–take care of a child, so he wants to leave said child with another who has children. Problem is, the kid doesn’t want to leave, and in fact they and the child are meant to be together. Just as Din was the only person that could lead Grogu to his proper destiny, Hunter and his crew are the only ones who can lead Omega to her own special destiny. Both Din and Grogu are orphans; both the BB and Omega are modified clones. Makes sense for them to be together.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 2

That’s the main idea of Episode Two, and I’m glad they got it out of the way early on. Other than that, it was fun to see Cut and his family again (I just loved how tender he was with Omega after the Nexu attack; I hope Hunter was taking notes, lol). Interesting that Rex had just been there, and that he, too, sought out the only clone deserter he knew. Clearly the BB will be running into Rex soon, and I can’t wait!

Initially I had questions about Cut and his chip and Order 66–if he ran into a Jedi, would he immediately want to kill them? But after reading a bit about it on some fan groups, it seems the answer is that Cut would need to hear the actual Order to initiate it, which he did not. So I guess any wayward Jedi is safe from him.

The idea of the chain codes was interesting. The only time I’d heard of it was in The Mandalorian, when Boba showed his chain code in his Mandalorian armor. I’m not sure if such a thing had ever been mentioned before, but I suppose it makes sense–kind of like a galactic social security number. The people of the galaxy–like the clones–are being reduced to a number, one that can be tracked. Sounds pretty Imperial to me.

I’m still wondering about Omega’s jewel piece–in the episode, during a sad moment on the ship, she takes the jewel off her head and doesn’t put it back on. I’m wondering if she’s simply missing the only home she’d ever known (although I loved her reaction to the planet’s dirt, lol) or if it’s something else. Burning questions!

The Bad Batch continue to endear themselves to me, and I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next, where they’ll go, who they’ll meet, and what they find out about Omega and themselves on their journey.

My Star Wars Weekend Update

Hello and happy weekend everyone!

I hope you all had a fun Star Wars Day this past Tuesday, May the Fourth. I didn’t do anything Star Warsy in particular, except to watch the first episode of The Bad Batch, which I just loved. You can check out my review of the episode here. I just finished watching the second episode tonight, and I’ll be posting a review of that one probably on Monday. I’m really enjoying this new Star Wars content, as I suspected I would.


I also checked out the two Star Wars specials on Disney+ that dropped on the Fourth: Biomes, and Vehicle Flythroughs. Biomes is about 20 minutes long, and takes you on a tour of several Star Wars worlds, like Hoth, Tatooine, Crait, and Mustafar. It’s really cool, and I can picture just having it on in the background while working on some Star Wars project. Vehicle Flythroughs are two five-minute shorts that take you on a tour of the Millenium Falcon and a First Order Star Destroyer. Again, really neat and fun to get a close up look at these ships. Check them out if you have a few minutes.

I also (finally) finished Season One of Resistance. It got much more interesting during the last few episodes, and I’m hoping the second season will continue this. I don’t think I’ll do a review of each season; probably just a quick overview of both seasons when I’m done.

From the Star Wars Resistance animated series
Commander Pyre of the First Order

I’m planning on recording my first podcast this coming week, probably Tuesday when my daughter will be doing school (she’s still doing school remotely even though we had the choice to send her back to school–but we weren’t comfortable with that yet. Though on the bright side, both my husband and I have gotten our first Covid-19 shots, and will be getting our second ones in a couple of weeks). My husband will be working all day on Tuesday as well, so I’ll have a nice chunk of quiet time to figure the whole podcast thing out. It seems pretty intuitive and easy for a newbie to do; I think the hardest part will be accepting how my voice sounds on the recording, lol. I don’t think I have a terrible voice, I just think we all believe our voices sound weird on recordings, like the answering machine and voicemail, etc. But I’ll get over it, lol.

So I decided some time ago that for my fiftieth birthday this year (in June), my birthday present to myself will be a Star Wars tattoo. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before; it’s kind of a thing for the younger ones, I guess, but I never even gave it a thought until now. I wanted to do something wild and crazy, lol (for me, anyway). I want the big 5-0 to be something fun and to be celebrated, and not something to be dreaded.

You’d think my first tattoo would be my child’s name and date of birth, or my husband’s name and our wedding date, something like that. Nope. I decided to commit to my inner nerd and get the Jedi Order symbol, probably on my right shoulder.

This would be a cool tattoo, yes?

I just love this symbol. Not only do I think it’s beautiful, but it’s the symbol of the Jedi Order, and I’m a Jedi girl all the way, lol. If I manage to get through the process without fainting, I might even add the Rebellion firebird symbol on my left shoulder. But we’ll see, lol. Of course I’ll post pictures when it happens.

Finally, for my non-Star Wars indulgence this week, I watched the movie Tolkien.

(Hyper venolates) EEEEEEEEEK!!! Omgomgomgomgomg! Yay!! I'm sososos watching this!!

My viewing of The Fellowship of the Ring last week in the theater reminded me that I had wanted to see this movie when it came out, but I had never gotten around to it. So I watched it last night, and it was wonderful. I don’t know how accurate it was, and I think I saw somewhere that the Tolkien family didn’t like it or approve of it (not sure why) but I thought it was great. An amazing man, an amazing life, and an amazing story. Tolkien influenced so many creators that followed him, including George Lucas, and for that I’m grateful, not only for Middle Earth but for a galaxy far, far away as well.

Star Wars The Bad Batch: Episode One-Aftermath

Clone Force 99

When Disney+ announced that a new Star Wars animated series would be based on the Bad Batch, or Clone Force 99, from Clone Wars, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Like a lot of other people, I wasn’t particularly crazy about them, though I didn’t hate them, either. I was more like, meh. I could take them or leave them.

But I also knew that, given the chance to expand on the characters in their own show, Dave Filoni and crew would do a great job and I’d probably love it.

Well, my intuition was correct, and I just loved the first episode, “Aftermath.” I’m not going to do a plot synopsis, but just make a few remarks about what I thought.

One big question that was answered was: will their inhibitor chips work? Will they feel compelled to execute Order 66 or question it? Turns out, none of them were aware of the Order at all, proving that they’re chips did not work. All except Crosshair. Though his teammates didn’t know it, it was clear to us viewers that his chip was working at least a little with his “Good soldiers follow orders,” bit. Crosshair is my least favorite of the group, so I’m okay with him being the bad guy here and going over to the Empire (though in his defense, it was the chip, after all, and one that got ramped up by Tarkin’s orders). But the fact that one of them had a chip that worked and the rest didn’t makes for a more interesting story.

As far as the characters go, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo remain pretty much the same as we saw them in Clone Wars. But Hunter–who seemed the least interesting character in CW–turns out to be the one who gets more depth. Makes sense, since he has to make some tough moral decisions in the show, and I approve of every one of them.


Concerning Omega: again, I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to her. When I saw the trailers, I thought, oh, okay, a kid to appeal to the younger audience; but what surprised me is that I absolutely fell in love with her, lol. She’s just so darn adorable and sweet, following the BB around like an adoring puppy. What’s really interesting about her–aside from the fact that she’s a female clone–is that she seems Force-sensitive. A lot of fans have been floating that theory around, and I have to agree, that’s what it looks like. If so, that would be fascinating. Is it chance? Or something more–we know that Palpatine likes to tinker with the Force and cloning, but how early did he start? Hmmm….and that stone on her headpiece–is it just decorative, or does it mean something? Questions…

Anyway, I love that Hunter goes back to Kamino for her. He couldn’t save one child, Caleb Dume (more on him in a minute), but he can save Omega. I was a little surprised that the BB didn’t know at once that she was a clone; except Tech, and as he said, “I thought it was obvious.” Obvious to us, I guess; but they weren’t expecting anything like her. By the way, I thought it was interesting the way the clones on Kamino all looked the same again after Order 66. There’s no individuality, something the Jedi encouraged in them; but now they have no use for it. It saddens me. They seem to be meaner, too, the bullies, lol. But I really am curious to know what becomes of them in this new order, how they adapt, both the BB and the “Regs.”

Caleb Dume, aka Kanan Jarrus

So let’s talk about the appearance of Depa Billaba and Caleb Dume at the start of the episode. They’re on the planet Kaller, fighting against the Separatists when Order 66 comes through. From what I understand, this scene was already done in Canon in a comic; here, some details were changed but the main idea is basically the same.

Was it necessary that it be this particular Jedi and her Padawan in this scene? I don’t think so. They could have put any other Jedi in there, and it could have worked fine. I’ve heard some fans of the comic complaining that they’re changing something that was already Canon, and what was the point? It’s just “fan service.”

On the one hand, I get it. It was unnecessary. It most certainly was fan service. On the other hand, am I upset about it? Not really. Aren’t the creators of the show doing their job with “fan service”? Showing something the fans love to see? I, for one, thought it was kind of cool to see Depa and Caleb (I haven’t read the comics, you see, and I’m betting plenty of other fans haven’t, either), even though we already know what happened to the Padawan who becomes Kanan Jarrus in Rebels. At any rate, I don’t feel strongly about it one way or another. It was neat (if heartbreaking). Let’s move on.

Everything about the episode is great, from the stunning visuals to the score to the fact that we can just jump right into the story without having to learn about who the characters are and where we are in the timeline, etc. It’s a great ride from beginning to end.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this show is going to go, and from the track record of both Clone Wars and Rebels, I’m guessing it’s going to be spectacular.

What did you think of “Aftermath”? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

Star Wars Fan Art: Mosaics

I found this fan art last week on Pinterest and thought they were wonderful. At first, I got a bit confused because the artist goes by several different names, but after a bit of digging, I do believe they are the same person.

The artist goes by Scadam or mandal0re on Reddit, and also Scadarts on @scadarts on Twitter. He’s an Australian artist who uses Photoshop to put Star Wars characters and images into classical art. He does a lot of different things (seriously, check him out) , but I just love the mosaic art.

Take a look:

Looks like Luke is holding one of the ancient Jedi texts.

Luke Skywalker

I love that Ahsoka has both her lightsabers here.

The Force is Strong With These Star Wars Mosaics [Gallery]
Ahsoka Tano

I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with Chewie’s hand. Looks like he’s flipping us off, lol. The Aurebesh on the book is a nice touch.

Chewbacca Forti

Looks as if Obi-Wan is blessing someone. He is “Jesus” after all.

The Force is Strong With These Star Wars Mosaics [Gallery]
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Han Solo is never far from his trusty blaster.

Centurio Solo
Han Solo

Looks like Old Ben has been wandering in the desert of Tatooine for awhile, with all that dust and sand on his face.

Veteris Ben Kenobi
Ben Kenobi

She’s tough, she’s brave, but she’s got a big heart.

The Force is Strong With These Star Wars Mosaics [Gallery]
Princess Leia Organa

The red beneath his cloak is a nice little detail.

The Force is Strong With These Star Wars Mosaics [Gallery]
Sheev Palpatine

The ancient master.

Awesome Star Wars art gets a classic makeover : theCHIVE

Is it me or does Mace always look angry?

Awesome Star Wars art gets a classic makeover : theCHIVE
Mace Windu

Looks like Vader is raising his hand to Force choke somebody.

Awesome Star Wars art gets a classic makeover : theCHIVE
Darth Vader

Header image: The Madalorian Trinity.

What do you think of these images? Have you heard of Scadarts (or Scadam)? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

Star Wars: Minor Character Showcase–Lor San Tekka

Star Wars obviously has some great main characters, but it’s also filled with intriguing minor characters as well. So I thought it would be fun to do a series on these small but significant characters in the various Star Wars films.

The first one that came to mind, and seemed the most interesting to me, was Lor San Tekka (played by Max von Sydow). If you’ll remember, he was the person Poe Dameron met on Jakku at the beginning of The Force Awakens and received some important information from him. It turned out to be a partial map that led to Ach-To, location of the first Jedi Temple, and of the missing Luke Skywalker as well.

Star Wars Characters, Planets, and Vehicles |
Lor San Tekka

When I first saw TFA, I had so many questions about this character: who was he, actually, and how did he acquire this information? How did he know Leia? How did Poe find him? And what the heck was his name (it was never mentioned in the film)?

We learn his name in the The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, along with some other vital information about him. I don’t have that book, but learned some things about San Tekka during the course of my own research.

Lor San Tekka with Poe Dameron on Jakku.

It turns out that San Tekka is a member of The Church of the Force, which is a group of beings who are not Force sensitive but believe in the power of the Force, and that there can be no balance in the Force until the Jedi return. The Church was forced to go underground during the Imperial era, but had more freedom during the New Republic. The village he was in on Jakku, Tanual, was made up of members of the Church of the Force (who unfortunately were all killed by Kylo Ren’s forces, as well as San Tekka himself).

Speaking of Kylo Ren, Lor San Tekka makes an appearance in the comic The Rise of Kylo Ren. San Tekka is an explorer, and one of his missions as a member of the Church of the Force is to locate ancient Jedi artifacts. Luke Skywalker, after the Battle of Endor, explores the galaxy also looking for Jedi artifacts before he begins to rebuild the Jedi Order. San Tekka accompanied Luke on several missions, including in The Rise of Kylo Ren. This is presumably how Leia knew him, and Kylo Ren, of course.

Kylo Ren: “Look how old you have become.”

Lor San Tekka: “Something far worse has happened to you.”

From The Force Awakens
Lor San Tekka with Luke Skywalker and a young Ben Solo in the comic The Rise of Kylo Ren.

So how did Poe find him? This is recounted in the comic Star Wars: Poe Dameron. In it, Poe and his team, Black Squadron, follow in San Tekka’s exploratory footsteps. They meet with a spiritual people called the Creche, whom San Tekka lived with for a time to learn about their culture.

Poe looking for San Tekka in Star Wars: Poe Dameron.

Light of the Jedi Spoiler Alert!

Lor San Tekka is an explorer, and he comes from a long line of galactic explorers. One thing I found very interesting in the High Republic novel Light of the Jedi is that we meet some San Tekka ancestors. Marlowe San Tekka and his husband Vellis are visited by Jedi Knights Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann, during their investigation into the Great Disaster. Since the Disaster occurred in hyperspace, they went to the San Tekkas, who are the head of the San Tekka empire: the family had made their fortune in hyperspace prospecting, finding routes through the wild spaces of the galaxy. It was dangerous work, but the San Tekkas seemed to have a knack for it and sold the navigational data for a fee.

There’s another San Tekka in the book, one that Marlowe and Vellis know about but don’t share with the Jedi: Mari San Tekka. She was a relation who had been kidnapped by the Nihil when she was young, and is now over 100 years old. Mari has a special talent: she can find routes through hyperspace with her mind alone, and can navigate a ship through these paths with her mind. The Nihil–specifically, Marchion Ro and his father before him–have used that ability to give the Nihil the gift of the Paths and made them strong. It also caused the Great Disaster, orchestrated by Marchion Ro.

So Lor San Tekka comes from an important, and formerly wealthy, family (they might still be wealthy, I don’t know) connected to hyperspace lanes. He comes from a long line of explorers, people who may have had a special (Force connected?) talent in finding these routes.

I find this information about a minor character from a Star Wars movie all very fascinating. It took me a few years to figure out who the guy actually was and get my questions answered, lol, but that’s okay. I’m very eager to find out more about the San Tekkas in later installments of the High Republic novels.

Star Wars: Poe Dameron comic

What do you think of Lor San Tekka? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

My Star Wars Weekend Update

Hello fellow Star Wars fans and happy weekend!

May the 4th is only a few days away, and with it is the premiere of The Bad Batch. I’m looking forward to it, and in preparation I’ve been re-watching Season 7 of The Clone Wars. As of today, I’m only halfway through, but will get the other half in by the time the show starts on Tuesday. The two arcs I’ve watched are the initial episodes with the Bad Batch, and Ahsoka’s time with the Cortez sisters.

The Bad Batch arc is pretty entertaining, as we get introduced to these very different sorts of Clones. Clone Force 99, as they’re called (after the Clone named 99, whose mutation was rapidly accelerated aging, and who became a fond fan favorite) are kind of fun to watch, even though I’ve always thought they’re a bit cliched. Oh well. In the arc, the BB, along with Captain Rex and Anakin, are on a mission to find out how the Separatists are predicting their every military move; Rex believes that they’re getting the information from Echo, a Clone who presumably died in an earlier episode, and who Rex left for dead. Turns out Rex is right, and they’re using Echo’s mind and memories for their “algorithms.” Echo is left mutilated and haunted by his experience, and ends up joining the Bad Batch, as he’s no longer like his other clone brothers. I think Echo is going to be my favorite BB member, if only because he’s quite unique and a touch more vulnerable than the others.

The arc with Ahsoka and the Cortez sisters is fine, it’s great seeing Ahsoka again, but I feel the arc went on way too long. I like Trace and Raffa and what Ahsoka learns from them (namely that not everybody thinks the Jedi are all that), as well as the fact that Maul is involved in the criminal underworld, but 3 episodes with these ladies? I feel it could have been tightened up a bit. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the season, which is really where the meat of the whole thing is.

Anyway, I’ve set up my corner of the bedroom with a desk and got my microphone unpacked, but now I’m waiting for a new computer I ordered, which should be in today. It’s a Dell Inspiron, and though I’m no expert on computers, it seems like it’s a decent laptop. At any rate, I’ve never paid this much for a computer before, lol. My needs are simple–internet and podcasting–but I want it to be a good investment. Anyone have any opinions on Dell computers? I had one a long time ago, one of the very first computers I ever owned, and I seem to remember liking it. It was a bulky desktop computer; I’ll never go back to those, lol. Once I get the new one up and running, it’s time to start podcasting!

I’ve pretty much set aside the fan fiction right now, at least for the past week, since I’ve been focused on the blog, setting up the podcast, and rewatching the Clone Wars. But I do intend to finish it. I’m about two-thirds done with the first draft, and I do like the story. It’ll have to wait a bit, though.

I would like to mention that at work today (I work in a grocery store) I saw a woman dressed up as Princess Leia. She had the long, flowing white dress and the cinnamon bun hairdo, and she looked great! Apparently she was going to a Star Wars-themed 40th birthday party. I love that grown-ups can have Star Wars birthday fun, too, lol.

My non-Star Wars indulgence this week was going to see The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings being my other favorite fandom, though Star Wars has been with me a lot longer) at my local movie theater. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I last saw it on the big screen. How can that be?! I was so thrilled our theater brought back all three films in honor of the Oscars (Return of the King won a slew of them, including Best Picture), but I could only make the time to see Fellowship. For all the epic scope of RoTK and its brilliance, Fellowship is probably my favorite. It was a really happy two and a half hours spent that evening, and what made it even better was that I was the only one in the theater! It was like my own private showing of the film.

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Have a great weekend and see you around the blogosphere!