Favorite Links

Here’s a few Star Wars websites, blogs, or channels that I enjoy. Check them out!

AT-AT Chat has some great videos with thoughtful, intelligent analyses of the films, as well as The Mandalorian, comic books, and other Star Wars subjects. I especially like him because he has an interest in Kylo Ren, as I do, and has a series of videos on that character. Highly recommended.

Star Wars Coffee has great videos on the films, behind the scenes, film clips, and more.

Girls with Sabers is “Pop Analysis from Women with Sharp Minds and Compassionate Hearts.” They have some really interesting analyses of Star Wars, especially Reylo, from a female perspective, integrating myth and archetypes. Different and cool.

FANgirl Blog Getting to the Heart of the Matter

FANgirl blog’s mission is to “provide an online venue for female fans to share their opinions on Star Wars, storytelling, and female characters.” A slick site with thorough, in-depth posts and reviews.

And of course, the Official Star Wars website. If there’s anything you need to know about the world of Star Wars, this is the place to go.