Welcome to Star Wars and Other Obsessions: All The Stuff I Love.

This blog began as a place dedicated to all things Star Wars, and there’s lots of posts about the galaxy far, far away, so don’t be afraid to check those out. But I have a passion for other fandoms and subjects and realized I wanted to write about those things, too. So I’ve slightly modified the blog to include those things. Mostly I write up a weekly post about what’s been entertaining me lately: all the books, shows, and movies that I want to share my thoughts on.

Thanks for stopping by, and May the Force Be With You!

Latest from the Blog

What I’ve Been Reading

Hello friends! It’s been awhile, as I’ve been busy with a move to a new apartment, but I always make time for reading. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately: Station Eleven, by Hilary St. John Mandel. This is a re-read; I read it originally when it first came out, before the TV series based on…

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