Catching Up on Clone Wars

Once upon a time, I didn’t hold the Star Wars prequels in very high regard. When they came out around twenty years ago, I was disappointed and not impressed. I grew up with the Original Trilogy, you see, and I didn’t get a Round Two of the OT. Why I expected this is beyond me, but I quickly dismissed them and didn’t give them another thought, really.

When the sequel trilogy came out, I absolutely LOVED them, and they plunged me back into a Star Wars obsession I haven’t experienced since I was a kid. This caused me to explore all manner of Star Wars media, and have since realized we’re living in a golden age of SW, in my opinion. I caught up on Rogue One (amazing!) and Solo (fun!), watched The Mandalorian (cool!), and have since read several canon books (see my sister blog, The Star Wars Reader, for my book reviews). I’ve even rewatched the prequels and found a new appreciation for them. It’s all great, it’s all fun, and I’m loving every minute of it.

However, I hadn’t watched The Clone Wars, which I was hearing all about in my social media feeds, especially the last upcoming Season 7. Up until then I hadn’t seriously considered watching it, as it dealt with prequel-era stuff, and, well, it was a cartoon, right? “I ain’t watching no cartoon!” I told myself.

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But the hype leading up to Season 7 was compelling and caught my attention. What’s the big deal? I wondered. People my age (the other side of 40) were watching this “cartoon” and loving it. I got the sneaking suspicion I was missing out on something important.

So I watched the first few episodes on Disney+. And while the animation was impressive (not cartoonish at all, but more like CGI video game kind of stuff), as far as the storylines went, I thought, “Meh.” What I wanted was the good stuff I was hearing about in Season 7. So I started there: I watched Season 7 first.

Star_Wars on Instagram: “Clone Wars:season 7 Anakin Skywalker . . . . . . #clonewars #starwars #disneyplus #disneyworld #anakinskywalker #season7 #disney #lightside”

And was blown away by what I saw. I was familiar enough with the Star Wars universe and the characters not to be totally lost, and it was pretty damn amazing. This was movie-quality stuff, and the last few episodes were gripping and tragic, the other side of Order 66 that we don’t see in Revenge of the Sith. I liked the character of Ahsoka, and absolutely loved Captain Rex and the Clones, who up until then were just faceless drones to me. I needed to know more about them all, and so I decided to watch Season 6. And then Season 5. And 4, and so on.

I was watching it backwards, but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on this great Star Wars material. I’m obsessed. I love the Mandalorian arcs–I now know more about the Dark Saber, which showed up at the end of The Mandalorian (I had no idea what it was, and was like, huh? Wat dat?). I love that Obi-Wan had a love interest (who knew?). I’m fairly in love with Obi-Wan myself now; I love his quips, his courage, his kindness, and his strength in adhering to the Jedi Code.

The dark side is doing selfies,why not us?

And I definitely like Anakin much more in Clone Wars than in the movies. No disrespect to Hayden Christensen, who is a fine actor, but the character of Anakin just never clicked with me. He’s much more likable in Clone Wars, which only makes his fall to the Dark Side more tragic to me. The clues are there, but for the most part, he’s a great character here.

I admit, I skipped a few episodes, namely the droid adventures, and a few with Ahsoka and the younglings. Some arcs are more interesting than others. I especially love the ones about the Clones, Rex and Echo and Fives, and so many others. My heart broke with 99, and the Bad Batch were a scream.

Clone Wars First Look: "Old Friends Not Forgotten" |
Captain Rex

Basically, Clone Wars caused me to fall in love with prequel-era Star Wars, which is a great gift. I’m looking forward to watching Rebels, as well, and gaining even more appreciation for Rebellion-era Star Wars. It’s all great, it’s all fun, and I’m so lucky to have this galaxy far, far away in my life.

MaulFrk — spockvarietyhour:   Maul showing off his legs
Darth Maul

5 thoughts on “Catching Up on Clone Wars

  1. Frankly, I think it was a mistake for The Walt Disney Company to compel Lucasfilm Animation to close The Clone Wars when it did back in 2014. They could have waited to let George Lucas and Dave Filoni to properly conclude the series with Seasons Six and Seven on Cartoon Network, and THEN move on to Rebels and Star Wars: Resistance for Disney XD.

    I’m happy that we finally got a Season Seven. I just hope Disney and Lucasfilm release it on Blu-ray so I can complete my Star Wars; The Clone Wars Blu-ray collection!

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    1. I’m kind of glad I didn’t even know Clone Wars was a thing until recently, because then I could binge watch it all at once! Same with Rebels, and the Mandalorian. Been doing a lot of catching up. But when Season Two of The Mandalorian comes around, I’ll have to watch it once a week like everybody else!

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      1. I watched The Clone Wars from its start as a theatrically released film in 2008; I followed it on Cartoon Network for its first two seasons, then after that on home media. I was not impressed at first, but it “grew on me” as time passed. And although I liked the Prequels when they came out between 1999 and 2005, the series does, indeed, enhance their viewability.

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      2. Agreed. Honestly, I hated the prequels when they came out–they weren’t “my” Star Wars. Silly. I’m older and wiser now, lol, and absolutely love the prequels as their own thing. And Clone Wars only deepened that love. It took a bit for CW to grow on me, too, but by the end, I thought it was genius.

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      3. What I liked about The Clone Wars was that George “The Maker” Lucas was the series creator and executive producer, and the fact that even though Dave Filoni was the guy in charge of the day-to-day running of the show, he still had the last word on canon issues.

        What I didn’t like (then or now) was that, like the original Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the series aired mostly out of chronological order, especially in the earlier seasons. Lucasfilm addressed the issue in Young Indy by re-editing the original episodes from the 1990s into a series of “movies” for the 2007-2008 DVD set, but not for the home media or Disney+ re-releases.

        I’m surprised to read that you didn’t see Star Wars: A New Hope (or, as we knew it before 1980, Star Wars) in theaters during its theatrical re-releases in 1981 and 1982. I am glad, though, that you saw it on VHS back in the day.

        The last time I saw Star Wars: A New Hope in a theater-like experience was in 2017, when my girlfriend treated me to a Star Wars in Concert viewing at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in nearby Clearwater.

        That was one cool occasion. You watch the film on a movie screen, while a live orchestra performs 99% of John Williams’ score. The only compositions the orchestra doesn’t play live are Cantina Band #1 and #2.

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