The Empire Strikes Back

My husband I watched The Empire Strikes Back on Sunday afternoon at our local movie theater. I still love everything about it, but what I loved the most was that I was watching it in the very same theater I had first seen it in 40 years ago as a kid.

Oh, the theater’s different, that’s for sure. It’s a multiplex now, has been for decades, but when I first saw Empire with friends at ten years old, it was the only movie playing, in a theater that was designed as a throwback to its old vaudeville days. It was still a thrill to watch the familiar words scrawl up the big screen, and even though I’ve seen this movie probably a few dozen times and know it like the back of my hand, I settled back into the seat for what I knew was going to be a treat.

In honor of ESB’s 40th birthday, I thought I’d list a few of my favorite moments from this, my favorite SW film:

  • AT-AT assault on Hoth.
coolpops: “ That Armor’s Too Strong for Blasters | Jock - Follow Artist on Instagram // Twitter // BigCartel • More Jock’s Artworks • More Star Wars Related Artworks ”
My first space battle! Well, alien planet battle.
  • Pre-prequel Yoda.
the empire strikes back star wars gif
Prequel Yoda was badass, but I’ll always prefer OT Yoda: prankster, teacher, wise one.
  • That kiss.
Pin for Later: An Important Reminder of How Hot Han Solo Is This Sexy Kiss
He really is a nice man, by the way.
  • That other kiss.
Han Solo Kisses Princess Leia from The Best Star Wars Movie Moments Ever | E! Online
I love this, too. They know.
  • Luke battles Darth Vader.
The 76 Most Beautiful Shots In The Original "Star Wars" Trilogy
Iconic, thrilling, edge-of-your seat dueling. And leads up to the most shocking reveal in movie history. You know it to be true.

Come to think of it, I love everything about this movie: the scenes, the dialogue, the humor, the music, the feels. Every. Single. Thing. Even Threepio’s constant complaining didn’t grate on me that much this time around. I suppose that’s true with every SW movie–I love them all–but there’s something about this one…it’s the one that made me fall in love with Star Wars, with Harrison Ford, with space fantasy, with storytelling, with everything I love about the movies.

It’s special, and it always will be.

How do you rank ESB in the Star Wars universe? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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5 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back

  1. ESB is my fav too! The old vaudeville theater you saw it in sounds like a blast. I love old movie theaters and often think about the theaters I frequented in the early ’80s as a kid.

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  2. You’re very welcome. Thank you for following my blog and liking my ESB post. I also like that you list the blogs you follow. Thanks for doing that. It helps spread the word.

    I’m following your blog now. We SW fans have to support each other!

    I hope to post about ESB again soon. SW is not the main focus of my blog, but I have a few posts in the works between now and the end of the year about ESB.

    Take care, stay healthy and use the Force whenever you can (but only for knowledge and defense…never for attack!) LOL.

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