Star Wars Fan Art: If only…

There’s so much tragedy in Star Wars, it’s understandable that some fans visualize our favorite characters in better circumstances. What if things hadn’t gone so horribly wrong? Here’s a few scenarios (I own none of the following, all rights belong to the original artists):

The Skywalker family on the beach. I love the idea of Uncle Obi-Wan.

I found this on twitter and thought id share this here. - PrequelMemes
Baby Talk,

I think most of us would love to see Ahsoka meet Luke, Leia, and still-innocent little Ben Solo, with a vision of Anakin at his best. You can still see the reluctance on Leia’s face to admire her father.

ArtStation - The Legend of Anakin Skywalker, by Daniel de Almeida e Silva. "After watch the final episode of Star Wars Rebels, I couldn't stop thinking that a encounter like that could happen sometime. So, as a fan, I had decide to draw that moment when Ahsoka Tano finally meet the children of her beloved friend. Luke and Leia (with young Ben Solo in her arms), in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, listening the countless stories from the Clone Wars and finally learning about the legend of Ana
Skywalker, by Daniel de Almeida

This sweet scene is well within the realm of possibility; one just wishes it could have presaged better times for the Solo family.

Han and Ben before it all went wrong...

The Ben Solo that Should Have Been. Sigh. I love that he’s wearing his father’s dice, and has a good blaster by his side.

Amelia Lola罗 -SW spoilers- on Twitter: "Ben Solo my babey!! Just like his dad and proud of it. I love drawing him like this :'))… "
Amelia Lola,

If only he could have held her…one last time. I love the busted eye lens, so he can look on her with his own vision. More manga emotion.

Star Wars anime artwork by 01091006 (Subaru) - Album on Imgur

This might actually come to pass, if the Mandalorian Season Two rumors are true. What could be more wonderful than Ahsoka and The Child? The light and depth perception in this painting is incredible.

35 Cool Pics and Memes to Entertain Your Brain.
S. Menyhei,

The amazing talent of Star Wars fans continues to amaze me. If you like what you see here, go to the artists’ websites and show them some love!

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