Star Wars Fan Art: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo

Kylo Ren is one of those characters from Star Wars that really hit a nerve with a LOT of people. There’s something about his tortured, divided soul that calls to so many. I scrolled through a ton of Kylo fan art. A vast amount illustrated Reylo, and though I’m not against Reylo and recognize his deep connection with Rey, I wanted this to be just about Kylo/Ben.

There’s a lot of great stuff (and a lot of weird stuff, lol), but the following images stood out to me in some way:

I loved this windblown kind of look to a contemplative Kylo. The blood on his hands speaks volumes.

This is the Ben Solo who would have existed if Kylo Ren had not had a chance to take root. Total “Son of Han Solo” look going on here. I notice he still has his lightsaber, though. A blue one?

I thought this one was really interesting: Ben in death and arranged the way his grandmother, Padme, had been at her funeral. The flowers in the hair, and the dice entwined in his fingers the way her necklace from Anakin had been in hers. Shivers.

Viv on

I love the use of light and shadow in this one, and how Kylo is in both, torn between the two.

“Torn Apart” by Veronika-Art on

I don’t usually care for images of Kylo with his mask on–it’s a bit boring for me. I like to see his expressive face. But something about this one haunts me. He looks like a Nazgul or something, a dark, shadowy thing.

KloeDeSaga on

I like this one of Kylo contemplating Vader’s mask, while bathed in the light. The calendar in the background with the Death Star on it is a nice touch, too, lol.

Trystan Pease on

What do you think of these Kylo/Ben images? Do you have any favorites? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

Feature image above by Shuploc on

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Fan Art: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo

  1. Hi Tina, that image of Ben in both light and shadow so much reminds me of the shot of Luke’s face during the Throne Room Duel in ROTJ as Vader is taunting him beneath the floor of the chamber. Luke had blue light on one side of his face and Vader’s lightsaber cast a red glow on the other half of his face to represent the conflict Luke was experiencing. That was so powerful – especially when Luke snapped into realisation and you could see the look in his eyes. I imagine this picture of Ben could have been “taken” just after his interaction with Han on Starkiller Base – he knows what he has done but isn’t fully sure why/how or if he should have.

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    1. You’re right FT, it is reminiscent of Luke in ROTJ. I feel like every Jedi goes through the temptation of the dark side; although with Kylo, it’s the opposite–he’s being tempted by the light side.


  2. I think Kylo Ren was a wasted character. If you look at all the concept art, they could have taken him to a much darker place than they did. And I don’t necessarily think their redemption arc did anything for him. However, the art you’ve chosen is awesome 🙂 I’ve featured a lot of the star wars art on my blog particularly for Ben and Kylo Ren and you’ve chosen some good ones here 😀

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    1. Thanks, I thought they were cool. Yeah, he could have gone darker. But I also think the Light was so strong in him, he could only go so far (he killed his own father, but it tore him apart rather than solidify his committment to the dark). His struggle between the two was ferocious.

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      1. Yes and that is the most important part I think. In some ways, his connection to Rey diminished his character but in others it was the only way forward for him. I think that is an important aspect to Ben/Kylo Ren that some fans forget. It was’nt just love for Rey that saved him, it was the love for everyone close to him but most of all, it was the love for himself that truly freed him. Once he had learned to forgive himself, the path back to the light became easier to see. Some people have said that the scene with Han Solo in TRoS was stupid. But I think that scene was pivotal to understanding Ben’s state of mind at the time.

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      2. Well said. The scene with Han in TROS is one of my favorite scenes in Star Wars, maybe THE most favorite scene, ever. It was just so moving, and different than anything we’d ever seen in SW.

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