Star Wars Fan Art: Yoda

I found a lot of mystical portrayals of Yoda, which makes sense, as he’s deeply in touch with the Force and is one of the wisest Jedi Masters who ever lived. I like the aesthetic of this one; you can sense a lot of movement, like the spinning of worlds and galaxies. He looks like he’s in a deep, meditative Force dream.

Raymond Swanland,

I like this one because it shows how alone Yoda ultimately was (or perhaps as alone as any deeply committed Jedi was). He stands alone on an outcropping in the Dagobah swamp (I’m assuming this is where he is), contemplating life and the Force and the cosmos, and whatever else crosses his mind. Darkness encroaches, but the light filters through to illuminate him.

Aaron Nakahara,

Since Yoda is so old (about 900 years) and all we’ve ever known is the old Yoda, it’s fun to think about what he was like when he was young. This one is pretty awesome; it shows him wearing very different clothes, with all kinds of accoutrements that is a sharp contrast to the simple brown robe he wears in his later years. I like the necklace, and wonder what the symbol means, if anything. Anyone know?

Young Yoda, by Vincent Chambin,

This one is just fun, colorful, and happy. The artist has done other paintings in this style with several other characters, but I feel it’s particularly apt for Yoda, as it captures the playful, mischievous personality beneath the serious Jedi Master.

Alessandro Pautasso,

This is a beautiful piece with an Eastern flavor that I just love. Lucas took a lot inspiration from Eastern film and philosophies, so it seems apt for Yoda, a wise warrior-monk of the Jedi.

Tsuneo Sanda,

I can’t seem to find the artist for this one (there’s always at least one, lol) but I just love it, even though it’s kind of sad. Here he seems to be on Dagobah thinking about the tragedy of the Jedi, the tragedy of Anakin, heck, the tragedy of the galaxy. The image is framed by dark tendrils, as if it’s the opening of the dark side cave, but Yoda is surrounded by light. It’s lovely and sad and moving, and I wish I could find the artist’s name. Anyone know?

Do you have any favorite images of Yoda? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

19 thoughts on “Star Wars Fan Art: Yoda

  1. Hi Tina, a fantastic selection of Yoda images, though it seems weird seeing him with a blue lightsaber!
    A good friend of mine (who you may know of) named Resa at “Graffiti Art Lux and More” posts fantastic photos of the local graffiti and street art in her city and one day found a garage door adorned with a Yoda mural. If you are interested you can see it here:

    The colours of Alessandro Pautasso’s image reminded me of the mural – so bold but somehow works brilliantly. Thanks for sharing your findings.

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      1. Hi there, I thought you’d like it. Resa also posted an article featuring a “pop art” mural that had images of the stereotypical Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles etc but tucked away in one corner was an Imperial Stormtrooper which really stood out from the rest of the mural being black and white!
        Oh and I’m still looking to see if I can find any details on Yoda’s necklace charm.

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  2. Hi again, I have had a look online and I so far haven’t found the necklace – however I think I may have translated the button/badge on his coat lapel (silver button above the red toggle loop). Believe it or not I think it is the Japanese symbol for “Strength”

    It also looks like the lower half of the symbol for “Courage” too.
    I am going to check out some Maori and Polynesian symbols as the pendant looks suspiciously similar to tattoo logos I have seen. I’ll update you when I have more info.

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  3. I might be able to offer input here. So the symbol on Yoda’s lapel I am pretty sure is the symbol for strength. However, the plot thickens a little when I started researching that necklace. The original image from the artist’s artstation page is different to the one above – check it out here and you can clearly see what the symbol is in the necklace – the symbol for the Jedi order I think. But in the image above, it’s upside down lol and it doesn’t look like the same necklace either. The one on artstation is definitely the Jedi order symbol but the one around yoda’s neck above looks like an edited version of that same necklace. WTF lol this is fun 🙂 Let me know what you find out FT 😀


  4. Nevermind I figured it out lol so the image above is an earlier image made from the 3d models that the artist created. The necklace in the original model is the symbol for the Horde in World of Warcraft lol go figure 😛 I am guessing that the artist was trying out new things and created the image above first and realised what he had done and then changed the image to the correct one for the Star Wars universe and Yoda 😀 Mystery resolved!

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      1. You’re welcome, I love doing detective work lol I guess that’s the journalist in me but I get lazy too it seems to come in dribs and drabs LOL and yeah, the thing is I recognised the symbol because I used to be a huge WoW player but I couldn’t place it which annoyed me so I had to put that thought in my head to rest lol still, pretty cool that you and FT noticed it 🙂

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      2. Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised because at one point, WoW was the most popular game in the world with 10 million subs at one point, it might have been even more than that. Advertising for it was almost everywhere. Now it’s not as popular as it was thanks for shooter games like Fortnite taking over the world lol

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