Star Wars Fan Art: Women of Star Wars

Here’s a collection of great fan art I’ve been finding of the wonderful women of Star Wars:

I love images of Ahsoka with Morai, and this is one of the best I’ve seen.

Naturally I can’t find the artist for this one. It was uploaded by Dorothy on Pinterest, that’s all I know!

This is a simple drawing of Admiral Amylin Holdo, but I love the purple in it in honor of her awesome hair, lol.

I think the artist’s name here is Niki LeFay. Maybe?

Jyn is one tough woman but she looks pretty and vulnerable here.

No artist info, but it’s on

This is a gorgeous portrait of Rey. Again, a tough young woman whose youth and beauty are captured in a still moment.

Alice X. Zhang, on

I could never find any Sabine Wren fan art that I really liked, but this one is great. I wanted one without her helmet on, since I like to see faces, although this one has a manga kind of feel. Love the colors.

Zyralynn on

What “Women of Star Wars” fan art collection would be complete without Leia Organa? This one is lovely, capturing her regal face with an underlying sadness.

kittrose on

I tried to find one of Hera Syndulla that I liked, of just Hera without Kanan, but most of them were either cartoonish or sexualized (or they didn’t look like her at all). I’ll keep looking. Do you have any favorites of Hera?

What do you think of these images? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

6 thoughts on “Star Wars Fan Art: Women of Star Wars

  1. Hello Tina, I stretched out and used the Force and believe I may have found your missing artist. I think it is a young 26yo artist from Brooklyn NYC named Sophie who posts on Tumblr under the name Yungtano. This picture certainly looks amazing and the same as the one on the Tumblr page just cropped.
    Here is the link to the page I found the full size version on – maybe you can investigate a bit further and confirm if it is the same artist).

    Tumblr link for Yungtano:

    Regards the other images they are all fine pictures but Leia wins it for me – it shows beauty as well as strength and resolve – her expression looks as if she has a great weight burdening her but she hasn’t given up.

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      1. If an image catches my attention (or I’m looking for something specific) then I always open the image into it’s own window then do a search on the image by right clicking on it and selecting “Search Web for this image” rather than using Google Images filters. This way of searching brings up a Bing search page showing details including copies of an image in different sizes and the different locations to find them. Having the image separated into a window on it’s own makes sure you search for just the image and not any gallery pages etc that aren’t relevant.

        And it’s always better to get the full picture if you can😀 It was a great find by you in the first place.

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