My Star Wars Weekend Update

Happy weekend, friends!

I don’t have too much to write about this week, just the usual stuff. I thought the latest Bad Batch episode, “Decommissioned,” was great, and will write about that in Monday’s post.

One thing I did do was finish my re-read of Light of the Jedi, by Charles Soule. This was simply to refresh my memory of the story in preparation for The Rising Storm, coming out on June 29th. It really is a wonderful book, a great introduction to the High Republic. I’ll probably write a post on it this coming week, just reflecting on some of the things I loved about it (and it will probably have spoilers, but I’ll warn readers of that). I’m now re-reading Into the Dark, by Claudia Gray, the first YA book in the series, since the next YA book, Out of the Shadows, will be coming out in July. I also loved this book, and will do a similar post.

Oh, one of the things I learned this week was that Qi’ra made an appearance in one of the comic series, The War of the Bounty Hunters, and in a big way. WOTBH is a big comic crossover event, but the gist of it is that Han Solo’s carbonited body had been stolen from Boba Fett en route to delivery to Jabba on Tatooine. From what I understand (I don’t read the comics, but I try to keep up on events through others’ reviews) Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn come into possession of Han, with Qi’ra’s big reveal at the end of issue one. She says that Han always wanted to save her, and now he has his chance.

I love this idea, as I loved the movie Solo, and I especially loved Qi’ra’s character. I’ve always wanted to know what became of her. Apparently, she’s still with Crimson Dawn, and of course Maul by this time is dead, so I’m guessing she’s running the show. Obviously we know that Boba Fett gets Han back and delivers him to Jabba, but it will be interesting to see how Qi’ra will play into all of this.

In kitten news, we’ve had Cosmo for a week now, and he’s settling into our household quite nicely. He’s a little rascal, as I’m covered in scratches, but that comes with the territory, lol. Everything is a toy to be played with, especially shoes and their laces, cords and wires, and any moving body part. He cries for attention, gets into everything (and I mean everything), knocks things over and off tables, and can be a general nuisance. He also will go to sleep in my lap while I’m at the computer, or curl up with me in bed, and vibrate his little body and mine with purring. I love him to pieces, lol.

May be an image of cat

How’s your weekend going? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

5 thoughts on “My Star Wars Weekend Update

  1. Hmm I am quite on the fence when it comes to Solo A Star Wars Story. There were some amazing things in this film so I am definitely not writing it off completely. I guess I sit somewhere firmly in the middle (I think most of the fandom is divided about this one). The biggest highlight for me was seeing Darth Maul! That was actually amazing. But I get why you like Q’ira. And it is interesting to see how the her story connects to the wider universe as well. Looking forward to your next post 🙂 I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

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    1. Thanks, it’s been pretty good. We’re having a heat wave here for the next few days, so not straying too far from the air-conditioning, lol. Yeah, I instantly liked Solo (though it took me awhile to actually sit down and watch it), and with others, it takes a few viewings for it to grow on them. And others are just “meh” about it. There’s quite a movement for #makesolo2happen, and I’d love it!

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      1. I saw a young Solo figurine today and it looked amazing lol but my eyes were fixed on the Darth Vader figure they had which looked amazing as well except 700 bucks amazing 🙂

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