My Star Wars Weekend Update

Happy weekend my Star Wars friends!

This past week I’ve been mostly trying to keep up with my reading. I was so excited to get The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott but it’s been slow going, mostly because I’m (of course) reading other things at the same time. It’s also off to a slow start, though still quite good, and from what I understand it’s the second half of the book that really packs a punch. And I’ve finally gotten to a Loden Greatstorm chapter, so very happy about that, although things are looking quite grim for him just now 😦

On my Kindle I’ve been reading A Test of Courage, by Justina Ireland, the middle grade book that came out in the first wave of the High Republic books. I wasn’t planning on reading it, but I mentioned last week that I accidentally bought it on my Kindle, so figured I might as well read it. And it’s quite good, considering it’s for the 8-12 year old market. A fairly simple story of a group of kids, some Jedi, some not, stranded on a challenging planet with some Nihil. I’m glad to get to know Jedi whiz kid Vernestra Rwoh, the youngest person ever to make Jedi Knight at 15. She hasn’t been in the adult or young adult novels yet, although I think she’ll be in the next YA novel Out of the Shadows, again by Justina Ireland, coming out later this month (which I’ve pre-ordered, of course).

The third book I’ve been paging through is Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman, which I also mentioned last week. I’m about halfway done with it, and it’s quite entertaining to me considering my newfound obsession with the subject, which stems from my love of the new Disney+ series Loki. I have a bit of Swedish blood in me, so I feel that my interest in all things Norse is quite natural and right, lol. I had this crazy thought the other day that maybe I’ll study some kind of northern European language like Swedish, Danish or Finnish, but really my inspiration came from this scene in Loki (which is actually Norwegian):

Loki’s not drunk, he’s “full.” Very full.

Translated to English, the lyrics are:

In storm-blackened mountains I wander alone

Across glaciers I travel forth

In the apple orchard the fair maiden stands

And sings “When will you come home?”

It’s very haunting and beautiful, and I can’t stop thinking about it, lol. And I’ve wanted to do something different, something that’s fun and interesting and that will challenge my mind a little bit. Or a lot, lol. We’ll see.

Anyway, loving Loki and kind of sad that the last episode is coming up, but I’m dying to see what happens. I have this feeling that events will somehow segue into future films, but all I really want is for Loki and Sylvie to live happily ever after, and for Mobius to finally get his jet ski. Is that too much to ask? (Probably).

Hope you guys have a great weekend, and let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to!

8 thoughts on “My Star Wars Weekend Update

      1. Actually as I read my comment I realised that isn’t entirely true! Steve Rogers (Captain America) has a wonderfully touching ending in the cinematic universe (in one of the timelines lol) where he ends up with his one true love and the grow old and grey together 😀

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      2. Yup! I dunno if that will happen with Loki. For some reason he just seems doomed no matter what to me and I don’t know why I think that lol. I want Loki to be happy in the end but something tells me he is never going to get that happy ending 😦

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      3. If I’m making predictions, I’m guessing he’ll give his life to save Sylvie’s. Kind of like a Star Wars redemption–a character can be redeemed, but he must die for it, lol. And like Vader and Kylo, Loki’s done some terrible things, and the question that comes up is, Does he deserve to get off scott-free and be happy? Even if he’s changed? Just because we like him, should he not be punished for his crimes? And my answer is always this: in real life, hell no; but in the movies–yes!

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      4. Yeah it all depends on what that person has done. In real life, if someone commits a heinous crime, I am all for throwing the book at them and that’s it. But in the movies, sometimes it’s not as clear cut as to what they’ve done to deserve retribution or redemption. It makes it more dramatic to have that bad boy or girl become better down the track but in reality, most people that do awful things deserve every punishment coming to them lol

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