Star Wars Birthday Haul

So my birthday was yesterday, and my husband, knowing how obsessed I am with Star Wars, found me a few things at one of the local used/antique stores in town. I thought they were cool and wanted to share them with you here.

Now, I’m not a collector of toys/figures at all, but hubby just saw “Star Wars” and went ahead and got it. It’s from the Kenner “Princess Leia Collection” and includes Leia and Han from Cloud City. Pretty cool.

This actually was my favorite from the bunch: the DK Visual Dictionary for Episodes 1-6. These reference books are the kinds of things I’d love to have but never buy for myself, so I was so thrilled to see this! It’s used but in good condition, although I don’t see the “cutaway views of R2-D2 and the fearsome Sarlaac.” Oh well, it’s still awesome.

So hubby spent the most money on this next one, but he didn’t really know what he was buying, lol. I didn’t really know what it was either, but had fun opening up the box to see what was inside. It’s actually a game called Star Wars Galaxies: Empire Divided. The game is on a couple of CD-ROMs, but unfortunately, my laptop doesn’t even have a CD port of any sort. I don’t know much about it; any of you gaming fans familiar with it?

This stuff was inside: the CDs, a player handbook, a patch, a pin, and a cool figurine, though I don’t know who the figurine is. Looks like a Zabrak maybe?

This is my favorite part of the box: The Art of Star Wars Galaxies. Cool drawings and artwork of various species in Star Wars. I love it!

These are by far the best birthday presents I’ve gotten in a long time. They’re wonderful collector’s pieces and fun books that look great on my Star Wars book case. Happy birthday to me!

6 thoughts on “Star Wars Birthday Haul

  1. Sad story: I was a kid during the 80s and collected Star Wars action figures like this, but we had a deep sandbox in the backyard that was made perfect for digging, burying, and hosing down the figurines during “battles.” To this day, I believe about 12 of them remain in the ground behind that old house, and I’d bet they’re worth hundreds today (after a proper cleaning).

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  2. Hi Tina and belated “Level Up Day”! (aka Happy Birthday!) Your husband sounds like a true Jedi being generous like this. Gifts always mean more if thought has been put into them. I have that DK Visual Dictionary but it’s boxed up somewhere in my cave. The CD-Rom game however, I’ve never seen or heard of. And unfortunately laptops and PCs nowadays are so “connected to the cloud” that manufactures are ditching hardware disk drives – I have a copy of Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) that I can’t install either.
    Oh and I’ve marked my calendar for next year ok!

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