Anakin/Vader Fan Art

I didn’t have a subject planned for my Wednesday post, so I had to throw together something quick but fun, which usually turns out to be fan art. I was going to focus on Obi-Wan considering the latest series, but found some really neat Anakin/Vader stuff instead, which still applies. Enjoy!

I like this portrait of Anakin because it’s fuzzy and vague, kind of muddled, like Anakin’s mindset just before he turns to the dark side. He’s a hot mess, lol.

InkdDesigns on DevientArt

I like to include fan art that’s different, something I’ve never seen before, but something that speaks to me in some way, too. This one of Anakin looking at a hologram of Padme is kind of strange, but unique. She’s looking at him with compassion and love, despite the wreck he seems to be here.

starsofnorway on

This one shows another link to Padme, as a helmetless Vader looks at the necklace he made for her when he was a boy. I’m not sure how he got hold of it, since it was buried with Padme on Naboo, but it’s still an emotional scene.


I just thought this one looked really cool. There’s also the fact that Vader is a shattered man, and this image projects that.

iartbilly on Devientart

And you can’t have a Vader fan art collection without Vader having tea in a meadow. I love this artist’s images of Star Wars characters in whimsical situations. And how does he sip through that thing, anyway?

Kylesgallery on

I hope you enjoyed this group of Anakin/Vader fan art. What do you think of them? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

4 thoughts on “Anakin/Vader Fan Art

  1. Hi Tina, the image of Vader with Padme’s Japoor Snippet pendant could be based on the comic Darth Vader Issues 4 and 5 (2020) in which Vader travels to Naboo and visits Padme’s gravesite. Vader investigates how/why Padme died and visits the tomb where Padme’s remains rest (usually Naboo’s deceased are cremated but Padme was buried) as he feels there is more too her death than he has been told/knows. There is a skirmish between him and some Naboo soldiers and Gungans. He defeats the soldiers but is then confronted by Amidala’s former handmaidens who tend the site. These events take place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

    Oh and p.s. Vader liked his cups of tea filtered!

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