Tech-nical Difficulties

Bad Batch Spoilers!!!

“Don’t you do it, Tech!” He did it.

[Deep Sigh]

So, I’ve been in mourning this past week, along with a very large segment of the fandom, over Tech’s death in the season finale of The Bad Batch. I’ve been obsessively reading and replying and commiserating with other fans on several social media fan groups, and the consensus is we’re all devastated .

Oh Star Wars, why do you insist on breaking our hearts?

I haven’t been this heartbroken since Kanan’s death in Rebels. But even then, we had clues. Clearly something very bad was going to happen to him (and I was a bit late to the party, so I already knew he was doomed, but still, it hurt). I didn’t see Tech’s death coming until he was hanging off that rail car and announced Plan 99. But, looking back over Season 2, I suppose there were clues. These episodes were quite Tech-heavy, with him strengthening his relationship with Omega, saving the day with the Riot Race, and the little kind-of romance with Phee. I didn’t know why we were getting so much Tech, but boy, was I pleased. Now? Not so pleased. They were making us love him even more, so when he died, the emotional impact would be epic.

I misquoted him in a previous post, but I think I got the gist.

But it’s a double-anguish, because–IF, in Star Wars fashion, he might still be alive, the only outcome I can see is Tech being taken by Hemlock and turned into something really awful. And that would break my heart even more. (I was going to be upset if Crosshair suffered that fate). So, given the choice of him being dead or being turned into a monster, I’d choose him dying as a hero. And he IS a hero, even if he does come back in whatever form. When he was hanging from that railcar, he knew the only way to save his family was to cut the line. That decision will not be erased by some “miracle” of him coming back. It wouldn’t be “for nothing,” as some fans suggested. In my opinion, he’s forever a hero.

That’s it. That’s the post. I loved Tech, and now he’s gone (forever? Only Season 3 will tell).

You will be missed, my awkward but still badass friend.

Art by nathalydraws on Pinterest.

6 thoughts on “Tech-nical Difficulties

  1. Hmm yeah I didn’t really think about that before, but you’re right with the Tech content being more prominent earlier on in the season. I actually thought Crosshair would die before anyone else in the team because he just has that whole “doom and gloom” outlook on everything down pat and it wouldn’t at all be surprising if he put himself in harm’s way to escape his life. I get the impression he secretly hates it but tells everyone else he’s a soldier and does what he’s told. I think he wants to think that but secretly hates being a clone lol I could be way off there but that’s the impression I get from him. The clones don’t come with pride in anything they do which is just the nature of a clone. Nothing is really more important than the mission – at least that’s what I used to think. After this season, I’m thinking very differently about the clones and who they really are underneath. And that artwork OMGGG geeeeezzzzzz I am cry 😦

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    1. I always thought Crosshair was terrified of not being able to be a soldier–that’s all he knew, and when the Empire took over, things changed and he had to make a decision. So he figured he’d be the best clone soldier for the Empire, but it took him too long to figure out that the Empire doesn’t care. He’s replaceable and expendable, just like everyone else. I adore this series for really digging into the clones and their story, much like Clone Wars. I never knew I loved them so much, lol. And yeah, the artwork…Wah!! 😦

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  2. I actually kind of thought that Tech dying (along with a hard break from Cid) was probably kind of necessary from a narrative standpoint. It seemed like as time went on, they were becoming more and more dependent on Tech to resolve the plot lines in a methodical, matter-of-fact way, and I think it was starting to detract from the series when the main Batch was involved. If Tech goes away and Crosshair returns to the main Batch, I’ll consider it a trade up.

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    1. Maybe you’re right…but I’ll still miss him, lol. Call me greedy, but I want both Tech and Crosshair back to the Batch, and they’ll all live happily ever after on Pabu. But we all know that ain’t happening, lol.


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