My Entertainment Weekend Update

Hello friends, and happy weekend! I hope all my fellow American friends had a great Thanksgiving this past week.

In books, I’m working on Abigale Hall, the gothic tale we’re reading in my book club. I’m about 80% done and will have it finished for our meeting on Tuesday. A couple of fellow members have already finished it, and their responses have been “OMG, I can’t believe it!” So I’m curious to see how it ends! I’ll have my thoughts on it next week.

I started a reread last week of Kenobi, by John Jackson Miller, since I’m getting excited for the Obi-Wan series (though who knows when the show will come out next year, lol). It’s a Legends book, so it’s not canon; but I feel that since the show will be set ten years after ROTS, this book, set immediately after the events of ROTS, won’t conflict with canon in any measurable way. It’s a good story and very well-written, and one of my favorite Star Wars books.

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He’s just a kid who wants to kiss a girl.

In Marvel, I finally watched Spiderman: Far From Home last week. I’ve always loved Toby Maguire as Spidey, but Tom Holland is really great in the role, too. He’s just this sweet kid that you want to hug, lol. The movie was fun and entertaining, as was the first one, but Mysterio was kind of a weird villain. The guy had no real superpowers, so how was he planning on dealing with any actual threat that came along? Idk. I was happy to see Happy playing a bigger role here, too. He just keeps growing on me. So now I’m ready to see No Way Home when it comes out next month.

I also caught the first two episodes of Hawkeye this week. I’ve heard some people say that it’s “boring,” but I don’t agree. I guess I can see why they may think that, but I like the show and have no complaints, really. Probably because I love the character of Hawkeye and Jeremy Renner, the actor, and I’m happy to watch him. (I thought The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was kind of boring, but I watched it anyway, because, you know, Avengers).

But I really didn’t think it was boring. Kate Bishop is fine as the “next” Hawkeye, but I’m more interested in Clint Barton’s character. He’s sad over Natasha Romanov’s death, of course, and is a bit over the hero status. He’s just trying to spend time with his family and to be a good dad. I think it’s a nice touch that he’s got a hearing aid in one ear, because you rarely see superheroes suffer any physical consequences of constant explosions, lol. He’s also reaping the consequences of his “Ronin” period. I love the doggie, too (where did he come from? He obviously belongs to someone because of the leash. What happened to his eye? I have questions….). And oh, man, that Avengers Broadway musical! We need that in real life, lol.

He’s just a man who wants to kiss his kids.

That’s about it this week. I’d just like to add that The Curtain Saga strikes again! My stats have been crazy, 500-1000 views these past few days, which is unheard of on my site, lol. The last time this happened was this past summer, when I happened to mention putting up curtains in my daughter’s room, and put “curtains” as one of my tags. Little did I know that curtains are apparently super-popular in the google-sphere, and I think people unintentionally found my site. Someone else had seen the post the other day and “liked” it, and the stats have been spiraling ever since, lol. The internet is weird! But I’m not complaining. 🙂

So what’s been entertaining you lately? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

The Curtain Saga

So this is kind of off-topic for me, but I just have to comment on this. The other day I posted my usual Star Wars Weekend Update, where I just go over some of the stuff I’ve been doing, what I’ve been reading, what I’ve been watching, etc. And I just happened to mention that I was going to attempt to put up curtains in my daughter’s bedroom, just as an aside.

So when I went to put in my tags for the post, I put in my usual stuff, but then just for ha-ha’s put in “curtains.” Because I did mention curtains, right?

Well. A day later I noticed the traffic to my blog went way up. Like WAY up. I usually get a few dozen views, or maybe 40-50 at the very most. But it had gone up to 90, and I was like, wow! They really like me, lol.

Then today, I got up at 7:30 in the morning and just peeked around, and it was up to 317. Then later, 431. And it just keeps going up and up. And naturally, I thought What the hell? Lol. This makes no sense. I hadn’t done anything differently, really. All my post views were normal, and there were no additional likes or anything.

And then it hit me: curtains! It seems that a great many people are in need of knowing about curtains. Who knew? I didn’t. And I thought: I’m writing about the wrong thing! Curtains is where it’s at! I’d could make a killing on curtains.

Window, Inside, Interior, Building, Glass, Window Sill

The problem is, I can’t think of anything more boring to write about. Plus the fact I don’t know a darn thing about curtains. My daughter’s curtains? Well, they’re up, but when I bought the package, I thought there were two panels, but there was only one. So she’s got one panel up, and just barely. Apparently I needed a drill, which I don’t have, and so I had to MacGyver it. I managed to get the screws into the wall, but about halfway through they just stopped. Hit something hard and impenetrable. So the screws are only halfway in, but it’s fairly secure. I think. Still looks pretty. Just waiting on the second panel I had to order online.

Anyway, all of this is to say that curtains, while a very popular subject as far as I can see, is not my thing. Same with other popular blog subjects: cooking, gardening, travel, fashion, etc. I don’t give two hoots about that stuff. But Star Wars? Count me in! I’ll happily add my voice to the thousands of others who write about it, and love every minute of it. I’ll leave the curtains to those who get all giddy about curtains, and good for them.

Anyway, I feel a little bad that I put curtains in the tags in the first place, like it was a bit misleading. That all those people clicked on my post and thought, huh? This isn’t about curtains! Bye! Oh well. Maybe I caught a few people who are interested in curtains AND Star Wars, right? Maybe they’ll keep me in mind.

Have you ever had any weird blog traffic? Something that didn’t make sense or you didn’t intend, but the traffic went way up? I’d be very interested to hear about it! (Do I put curtains in the tags for this post? It’s ALL about curtains, lol. But not what people think, so maybe not. Maybe I’ll put NOT CURTAINS, lol.)