Inner Jedi Notebook: Passions

I haven’t visited my Inner Jedi Notebook for quite a while, so I thought I’d do a post this week.

The Prompt:

Many Jedi have passions that they explore through their dedicated roles in the Order. For example, Master Porter Engle is a skilled chef, who cooks meals for Jedi stationed at the Elphrona Outpost in the Outer Rim. Additionally, Master Jocasta Nu is an incredible archivist, who oversees the Jedi library.

How would you use your skills and hobbies within the Jedi Order? In your own life, how do those skills and hobbies serve those around you?

My Answer:

I think, like Jocasta Nu, I’d love to be an archivist. I’ve often thought it would be a nice fit to be a librarian. I love books, of course. Helping other people find the books they’re looking for would be satisfying. And just to be surrounded by books would be amazing. Of course in the Temple it’s all electronic–data files and holograms. Still, I think I’d be good at research and finding information. I’d be more flexible than Jocasta, though–if Obi-Wan wants to find Kamino, then dammit, I’m going to find it for him! There may be a section of the Jedi Archives that is made up of ancient scroll, paper books, and other physical items. I’d want that to be my specialty. To be like Gandalf in the archives of Minis Tirith, searching through the pages–what bliss!

I would, of course, protect my library with my life. (Jocasta Nu confronts the Grand Inquisitor in the Darth Vader comic).

As a Jedi, I feel like I’d also be a good mediator, kind of like Obi-Wan, who is known as “the Negotiator.” To mediate disputes and work for peace. I’m already a peace-keeper in my family and at work. To listen to all involved parties and come up with a solution or compromise is something I’d be good at (I think).

Obi-Wan looking thoughtful. Perhaps coming up with a diplomatic solution?

One skill I would hope to have is to have a connection with animals, like Ezra. So much so that I’m the one the Jedi send whenever there’s a problem with animals or wildlife.

Fan art by Ezra with some lothcats.

Or, healing like Rey. That would be amazing, to heal people like that. To work in a medbay or hospital and to help people heal would be very satisfying. These last two are more like a wish-list for Force powers, but you get the idea.

Rey Force-healing Kylo Ren.

What are your passions? How would you incorporate them if you were a Jedi? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!