Finding My Inner Jedi

While scrolling through a Star Wars fan group on Facebook one day, I saw some one had posted an ad for this super awesome Star Wars journal called Inner Jedi, and I knew I had to have it! I received it the other day, and it’s beautiful, geeky, surprisingly thoughtful, and I love it.

It has my favorite Star Wars symbol on it.

The journal is meant to be your guide throughout 52 weeks of reflection, meditation, and “daily acts of peace and selflessness” to help you find your inner Jedi. There are pages for every week in a year (no specific dates; just start whenever you want to), words of wisdom, quotes, and even coloring pages to help you along your journey.

A weekly page for keeping track of your selfless acts.
Some added pages for more in-depth soul-searching.
Coloring! Crafts! Yoda! What’s not to love?
As a list lover, this kind of page hits the spot with me.

I haven’t started writing in it yet (not sure when I will, maybe at the beginning of next month), but I’m looking forward to filling this gorgeous notebook with my inner Jedi self. It’s the kind of thing I need right now, to calm and center myself in this crazy world and these crazy times. Just breathe, focus, and find the good. The fact that it’s Star Wars is the cherry on top. I might even share some posts inspired by the writing I do in here for something different once in a while.

This notebook cost about $20 and is available on Amazon or Insight Editions.

Do you have any cool Star Wars-related notebooks or journals? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

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