Inner Jedi Notebook: Week Ten

I haven’t posted any of my Inner Jedi Notebook entries for awhile, but I’ve still been writing them. I’m often scaling down the blogging to once a week for awhile, and then I suddenly decide to go back to several times a week. It all depends on what’s preoccupying me, lol.

Anyway, my last entry was Week 9, so I’ll continue with Week 10:

Week Ten

Coloring Meditations

Before a youngling can become a Padawan learner, they must first go to the planet Ilum, find a kyber crystal, and build their own lightsaber.

If you could design your own lightsaber, what would it look like? What color blade would it project? Sketch and color it in the space provided.

My answer was:

“I’m not even going to try to draw a lightsaber, lol. I will talk about the ones that I love, my favorites. Those two are Leia’s lightsaber, and Rey’s. I find it interesting that I like the two that were designed by women. Leia’s is certainly a bit more feminine–the coppery pink color and the graceful lines. Rey’s isn’t necessarily more feminine–it seems a bit more primal than any other I’ve seen. But I like how she’s incorporated a part of who she is into it–it resembles her trusty staff that was her weapon of choice before she became a Jedi. And I love the yellow color. It’s weird, because yellow is not my favorite color, but I love it in lightsabers. Probably because you don’t see it too often. Also, it’s the color of the Temple Guard blades, who intrigue me. I just think they’re cool-looking, with their eerie masks. So I’d definitely want mine to be yellow/gold.”

Leia’s lightsaber.
Rey’s lightsaber.
A Jedi Temple Guard.

I did tape photos of Leia’s and Rey’s lightsabers into the journal.

I haven’t done any meditating for quite a while. I just wanted to do other things during my precious free time, lol, like drawing or journalling. And that’s okay. I still listen to the soothing meditation music, though. Does that count? And it’s something I can always get back into if I feel the need.

What would your lightsaber look like? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

4 thoughts on “Inner Jedi Notebook: Week Ten

  1. Hi Tina, I must have created over 1000 saber designs up till now and I can’t draw that well. I do scribble ideas out on paper now and then which I later convert into 3D models using Blender 3D.
    I think you should draw up a design, it could be quite interesting…you can always send me a copy of a picture to see if I can help you out (maybe even convert it into 3D too!). This reminds me though….I’ve done a thousand sabers but never really sat and done one solely for myself, they were always for friends or some other characters or themes….work on one I will.

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  2. I did a 3D animation once for art school where I textured up a random Grover-shaped sample character with red and black splotchy skin in my own Darth Maul send-up, where the guy lit up one side of his saber-staff and, while holding it with both hands, inadvertently lights the other end up and stabs himself in the gut doing so.

    For me, I’d likely be doing a two handed saber stance with Sith sabers in a southpaw orientation, where I’d lead in an aggressive defense to engage a Jedi’s blade with my right hand and then leave the left handed saber free to do whatever I wanted. I used to confuse the holy heck out of dudes at Ren faires with boffle swords that way who thought they were pretty good with that kind of ambidextrous one-two shot, and most likely I’d try to do the same with lightsabers.

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