A New Venture

So I’ve been blogging about Star Wars for a year now, and I LOVE it. It’s so much fun, and there’s always something to say about it, whether it’s about the films that have been around for years, or the new stuff coming out. I’ve truly found my tribe here, people that understand Star Wars, people that just GET IT. I will never stop blogging about Star Wars (just giving you fair warning, lol).

But once upon a time I was a writer of fiction. Nothing published, just one story and a couple of essays that won contests. I loved writing fiction, but after years of doing it (decades), learning about it, pursuing publication–and not really getting where I wanted to go–I got tired. I wanted to do something new, something that excited me again. Hence, the Star Wars blogging.

But the fiction bug has begun to creep in again, and I thought maybe I’d try it again. Only this time, I thought I’d write some Star Wars fan fiction.

Here’s the thing–I’ve never been a huge fan of fan fiction. I think it’s great that some fans want to write about the main characters of Star Wars: alternate stories, new adventures, love stories, etc., and I wish them all the luck in the world with that. But I’ve never been interested in that, either writing it or reading it. To me, the main characters and their stories in canon have a kind of sanctity about them–they’re perfect as they are, and I won’t touch them.

I’m more interested in the kinds of stories contained in the From A Certain Point of View books:

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • Celebrate the legacy of The Empire Strikes Back withthis exciting reimagining of the timeless film featuring new perspectives fromforty acclaimed authors.    On May 21, 1980, Star Wars became a true saga with the release of The EmpireStrikes Back. In honor of the fortieth anniversary, forty storytellers re-create an iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back through the eyes of asupporting character, from heroes and villains, to droids and creatures. Froma Certain Point of V

These are stories that take place in and around the main characters and storylines, but are usually told from a minor character’s point of view, or some totally unexpected viewpoint. I’m interested in writing those sorts of stories (and so I have to get going and actually read these books already). Mostly, I want to create my own characters in the Star Wars universe and place them in familiar settings and storylines, with a main character or two making a cameo.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to let you know that while I’ll still be blogging about Star Wars, I may scale it down a bit–maybe two posts a week for My Point of View, and a book review on The Star Wars Reader when I actually finish a book, so I have more time to work on the fiction.

I’d also like your opinion on this plan–what do you think? Would you be interested in reading these stories? Should I put them right on this blog, or create a new one just for the fiction (with links on my current blogs, of course)?

I’m warming up to this idea and getting a little bit excited about it, and have a few ideas. Comment below and let me know what you think!

12 thoughts on “A New Venture

  1. I would love to read this! I used to write exactly this kind of SW fan fic. I had a set of recurring characters I wrote short stories about, set in the SW universe but unrelated to the movie plots (or any book plots for that matter)

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      1. Yeah, I had published it on fanfiction.net, that was like 15 years ago haha. I started my blog as a way to get back to writing fiction, and funny enough I’m actually writing fanfics again (not SW though), but I haven’t decided where to share them either.

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  2. Hi there Tina, I did something similar back in 2016 when it was suggested to me that I write my “Backstory Biography” to tell of my history in the Star Wars universe (sorta). Did you know I was at the Battle of Ba;’Demnic and fought alongside Jedi Knights Sha-Koon and Halagad Ventor?
    Unfortunately as I was writing my story a book came out that had a very similar story element to one I was about to use so I stopped writing my story in case people thought I was copying. I may go back and finish the story one day…but I think I’d prefer to read a better well produced stories from proper storytellers!
    I look forward to reading your stories (when you publish them of course) but if you are interested you can read the first couple of pages of my story that I uploaded to a lightsaber forum I belong to by clicking this link: http://www.saberforum.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=nie8ofj3mrp2o6hv5vsf1eg5g6&topic=39900.msg666717#msg666717

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  3. Hey Tina 😀 I SAY GO FOR IT lady 😀 And if you feel your writing will stand out more if it’s on a separate blog, you can always separate it later on if you need to but yeah, entirely up to you 🙂 I’ll be reading them regardless lol 😀

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      1. Of course lol I mean the funniest thing to me is that this blog started off as fanficiton lol. My first three or four entries were part of a much larger story that I had in my head at the time and felt very inspired to write. But alas, as is with most things in my messy brain, if I lose momentum for the story or the feeling to write more, it will end up in the writing nether never to be seen again lol. I mean I might pick it up again at a much later stage, but currently with the amount of writing I am now doing, writing anything like that would be way down on my list. I’d much rather read someone else’s so what are you waiting for? GET TO it lady lol 😀

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