My Entertainment Weekend Update

Happy weekend my friends!

In books this week, I’ve finished Loki: Where Mischief Lies on my Kindle. I’ve since ordered the sequel called Loki: Where Mischief Ends, and since it’s only available in paperback, I ordered the first book in paperback, too, for a matching set, lol. Can’t wait to start the second book.

I’m about two-thirds done with The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I love this book; it’s lovely and strange and keeps you wondering “What is the truth?” I’ll probably finish it by Monday, when we have our first book club meeting about it.

Well, unfortunately I’ve set Revan aside for now. I’m just not into it right now. It’s the first time in over a year and a half I’m not reading a Star Wars book. I’d been looking forward to Queen’s Hope, by E.K. Johnston, the third in a Padme Amidala trilogy. It was originally set to come out this November, but it’s been pushed up to April 2022. 😦 So now I’m not sure what’s next for Star Wars reading. Stay tuned.

Why Tajin From Star Wars: Visions Sounds So Familiar
The Elder was one my favorite shorts from Visions. I love this Jedi Master (whose name I can’t remember, lol). He reminds me of Qui Gon Jinn, who is one of my favorite Jedi.

So I’ve just finished watching Visions, and it was…interesting. As I’ve said before, I’m not an anime fan, so it was mostly out of curiosity that I watched. And as I suspected, it was hit or miss with me. There were a few that were quite good and that I enjoyed: The Duel, The Ninth Jedi, and The Elder were my particular favorites. Only one was painful to watch, and that was Tatooine Rhapsody. Unbearable, lol. The rest were fine, but didn’t wow me overmuch. I know there’s a novel called Ronin that will continue the story began in The Duel, and it may end up on my Star Wars reading list. We’ll see. I’m probably going to do a brief post of my thoughts on each short sometime soon.

So, Marvel: I absolutely loved the latest What If? episode, about party boy Thor. It was light and funny, and Frost Giant Loki is probably the best thing ever, lol. But it really punctuates how relationships have a huge impact on who we become. Without Loki as a mischievous brother competing with him for their father’s attention, it was Thor who became the mischievous, irresponsible one. And his relationship with Frost Giant Loki, his “brother from another mother” is swell. And Loki actually seems happy for once (thank you, Marvel!). I got a hoot out of Captain Marvel’s “Hey Whitesnake!” which you probably won’t get unless you’re familiar with 80’s hair bands. It was just a fun romp, the total opposite of the tragic Dr. Strange episode (which I also loved). This show can really do anything, and it’s gold, lol. Oh, and I have no idea what those robots at the end were. Even the Watcher was surprised.

How Did Thor Grow Up Without Loki on Marvel's What If..? Episode 7
This made my heart happy.

So my X-Men marathon isn’t quite complete, but I’ve watched all the major X-Men-centric movies, up through Dark Phoenix. I haven’t watched The Wolverine, Logan, or the Deadpool movies yet. Since they’re not on Disney+ I have to pay for them individually on Youtube, which is fine, but I’ll space those out more. Really enjoying these movies, no matter how corny some may be. I’ll watch anything with Fassbender in it, lol.

Finally, I just want to do a shout-out to our lovely Ewan McGregor for winning the Emmy for Halston. The series isn’t for everyone, but I loved it, and there’s no denying he fully deserved the award for his amazing performance.

That’s it for this week. What’s been entertaining you lately? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

8 thoughts on “My Entertainment Weekend Update

  1. Definitely my favorite What If? Honestly I would love to have seen them do it live-action! I was thinking man it seems like this is the perfect Marvel universe and then stinking Ultron with the stones has to show up and ruin it!

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  2. Hello Tina, I haven’t seen “What If?” yet but like you I have just finished watching Visions and it was…interesting. It certainly took me out of my familiar experiences with Star Wars – I vaguely remember watching an anime called “Dominion – Tank Police” on VHS video years ago so this new take on Star Wars was a ride.
    And I also noticed Tajin Crosser looked like me, I mean Qui-Gon in The Elder (though I’ve been told I look like QGJ). I think the writers did base Tajin on Qui even down to his “honour guard” stance as he prepared to fight and there was a slight nasal rasp to his voice just like Liam Neeson.
    Lastly thank you for your kind comments about the Darksider saber I designed for Julie. It makes me happy to know the hilt impressed others apart from Julie so thank you.

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  3. Okay I have many things to say about a few things you’ve watched recently 🙂 Firstly What If? THE THOR EPISODE was JUST AMAAAAAZZINGG lol. I have to accentuate that because my partner and I just loved it. We loved how they switched up Thor to be some kind of frat boy party prince lol. He was adorable. But even better was FROST GIANT LOKI! He was bloody amazing like I loved him so much – it would be impossible for them to make Loki any better but in an animated version, Frost Giant Loki WAS superb. I think that episode was definitely one of my favourites for sure. We’re getting pretty close to the end now I think so it’ll be really interesting to see what they do with the last couple of episodes.
    Star Wars Visions – while I have yet to write my review (I’ve been mulling over things for a while before I commit to writing) I agree with all of your choices – we love the exact same episodes which is cool. I have more to say but I’ll save it for my review 😀 And also Ewan McGregor winning the Emmy didn’t blow me away as much as expected because I had this feeling from early on when watching the show that he had delivered an Oscar-worthy performance in that role (well, Emmy for TV).

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    1. I’m kind of sad that What If will be ending soon, I’ve been really enjoying it. I hope we get more down the road. I also enjoyed Visions more than I thought I would. Some were meh but the ones I liked I REALLY liked. I even ordered the Ronin book, after reading some sample chapters online. I think it will be a unique read.

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