Symbols in Star Wars Rebels

I’ve been rewatching Star Wars Rebels, and although this is my third rewatch, I’ve never looked into the various symbols I’ve noticed in the show until now. So here’s a few of them and their possible meanings:

Starbird or phoenix on Ezra’s jacket: Ezra has a very obvious symbol on the back of his orange and yellow jacket. With a little snooping around on Google, I found that it’s been compared to the Skywalker Sound symbol, below. Kind of like a little easter egg to those in the know.

Ezrra’s jacket symbol.
Skywalker Sound logo.

By the way, the Skywalker Sound symbol can be found in Attack of the Clones, on Coruscant during the speeder chase.

Attack of the Clones

Ezra’s jacket symbol could also be a precursor to Sabine’s phoenix symbol, below.

Sabine’s phoenix symbol: Perhaps Sabine was inspired by Ezra’s jacket, or she came up with this herself, but it’s the symbol that came to represent the Ghost crew Rebels, as well as Phoenix Squadron later.

Sabine’s Pheonix

The Rebel Alliance later adapted the phoenix symbol into their own, below:

Kanan’s armor: It’s been suggested that the symbol on Kanan’s shoulder armor is reminiscent of the symbol for the Jedi Order, below. It makes sense that Kanan would want to honor his former Order, without calling attention to himself as a Jedi.

Secret allusion?
Jedi Order

Kanan’s symbol is also found on the forehead of the lothwolf, which I never noticed before I looked it up. Kanan has a deep Force-level connection to this animal, who calls himself Dume (which is Kanan’s real name: Caleb Dume). The name Dume, while spelled differently, is an obvious foreshadowing of Kanan’s fate, although I don’t care for the connotation. Kanan selflessly sacrificed himself for those he loved; that’s far from being doomed, in my opinion.


Kanan’s mask: I often wondered about the symbols on Kanan’s mask after he was blinded. Clearly they look like some sort of eyes, and I thought maybe they were meant to represent wolf eyes, since he’s connected to the lothwolf.

Jaig Eyes

After some Google research, I was surprised to learn that some clones, including Rex, were bestowed with the symbols on their helmets after distinguishing themselves on the battlefield. They’re called “Jaig Eyes,” which I never knew. I love it when I learn something new about Star Wars!

Those are the most obvious symbols that I’d wondered about. I already knew Fulcrum’s symbol, the Empire symbol, etc. I thought it was pretty cool to learn about these (finally!)

Did you know what these symbols meant, or is it new to you? Any I missed? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

10 thoughts on “Symbols in Star Wars Rebels

    1. The symbol for fulcrum was the original symbol and transmission frequency that anakin left for the rebels if onderon to communicate with him. Which Ahsoka later used to contact him and for some reason continued to use as fulcrum with rebels

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  1. Hi there Tina, the rising Starbird logo is based in ancient Mandalorian history/lore. It represents the Rising Phoenix, a creature that could never die – if it disappeared from existence it was said that it was regenerating within a nova to rise again at a later date. Sabine adopted the logo as her personal signature or artist’s tag.
    The logo on Kanan’s armour is probably the symbol associated with a Clone Squadron. In The Bad Batch, Clone Force 99 had a stylised skull logo as their emblem with the number 99 beneath it. At first I thought it might be the squad emblem for Depa Billaba’s 2nd Battalion (whom Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus was her second in command – and one named member of the squad is Clone Captain Grey). However due to Order 66 Jarrus probably wouldn’t have clone markings on his armour as he later distrusted Clones.

    I did like the Skywalker Sound Easter egg, I hadn’t seen that before.

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      1. Hi there, I’ll be honest I don’t know too much either to e honest. The bits of info I had came from my research I did when I created a saberstaff for Sabine Wren (I called it the Artisan).
        The Depa Billaba 2nd Battalion I couldn’t find the squad number for or much extra infor regards emblems etc but the reason I suspected Kanan’s shoulder armour logo was a Clone Squad emblem was the number 02 beneath what looks like the skull of an animal. Obviously the Bad Batch were squad 99.
        I just wish I had the resources that the Lucasfilm Story Group have for accessing info.
        And a final bit of info, the Phoenix/Starbird logo was designed by Lucasfilm concept artist Chris Glenn.

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