Inner Jedi Notebook: Week 11

Week 11 on My Inner Jedi notebook journey.

Many Jedi have an affinity for animal companions. Bell Zettifar is rarely far from a charhound named Ember, and Ezra Bridger often feels connected to animals such as loth-wolves and the purrgil.

Do you have any animals in your life? If you could bond with any animal in Star Wars, what species would it be?

My answer was:

“I have a thing for cats. I’ve always had cats in my life, since I was a child and my older brother brought home strays. Sleek, beautiful animals, strange and quirky, a little bit mysterious. I love all animals, but cats are my companions of choice. I love their fierce independence, and their seemingly haughty behavior, as if they are gods on earth. They’re beautiful and they know it, lol.

We had Gib, our orange tabby, for 20 years. Most people didn’t like her, because she didn’t like them–she was wary of strangers, but she loved her people, especially my husband. Some people don’t like cats because they don’t accept them for what they are. They expect them to act like dogs and love you instantly and slobberingly. But that’s not how cats work. I love all cats, even the grumpy ones, because I accept them and respect them for what they are.

Anyway, after Gib passed we got a kitten three months later, a black kitty we named Cosmo. He’s a little over a year old and we love him so much. He’s very different from Gib, more friendly to strangers and just a general sweetheart. I can’t imagine my life without cats. I’ll definitely be the crazy cat lady!

In Star Wars, I naturally love the lothcats. Having said that, though, I’d want to bond with the lothwolves. Wolves are my favorite wild animals besides the big cats. I like dogs, but I think their wild cousins, the wolves, are beautiful, magical creatures. And lothwolves in Star Wars are gorgeous, mysterious animals that are connected to the Force. I love all animals, but cats and wolves speak to me.”

Lothal has my favorite Star Wars animals.

Do you have animal companions? What are your favorite Star Wars animals? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

3 thoughts on “Inner Jedi Notebook: Week 11

  1. Hi Tina, I was a dog person myself and have owned 3 dogs in the past. A Lassie type Collie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a crossbreed. The crossbreed was the runt of his litter but lived for 18years! Sadly now I live in a property where I can’t have animals.
    And funny you should mention wolves as I like wolves and Huskies (oh and Alaskan Malamutes 😉) Lothwolves…now they are awesome…in fact you might like this post….

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  2. Hi again, I live in a tower block on the outskirts of town and am surrounded by quite a bit of green areas and woodland (there’s even a small nature reserve nearby) so I still get to see plenty of animals, cats, foxes, squirrels…bats and owls, not to mention pigeons and seagulls on my balcony rail. But I do miss having a dog. Talking of dogs…
    The reason I mention Malamutes is that (and you may know this already) George Lucas famously owned a Malamute! He was well known for sitting as “co-pilot” on the bench seat of Lucas’ pickup truck as George drove around studio lots. A photo of the two inspired Lucas to write Chewbacca as the big hairy Wookie we know. But he also inspired another movie character name. Dr Jones Jr! In the final scene of “Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade” Indy, his father, Professor Henry Jones and their friend Sallah were talking and Dr Jones (Sean Connery) kept calling Indy “Junior”. Sallah asked, “Please, what does it always mean, this… this “Junior”?

    Professor Henry Jones: That’s his name. Henry Jones….. Junior.”

    Indiana Jones: “I like “Indiana.”

    Professor Henry Jones: “We named the *dog* Indiana.”

    Marcus Brody: “May we go home now, please?”

    Sallah: “The dog? You are named after the dog?”

    Indiana Jones: “I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that dog.”
    Indiana was the name of …….George’s Malamute!

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