The Mandalorian Season 3 Thoughts

Since I was kind of lazy about writing up each episode this season, it’s time for a Season 3 cumulative impressions post.

This season was markedly different from the first two seasons, in that the first two were focused primarily on Din and Grogu, their relationship, and Din’s efforts to get him back to his “folk.” Season 3 breaks into a wider world, that of Mandalorians and their quest to reclaim their homeworld of Mandalore. Din and Grogu are a part of that, but are players in a larger story that includes the Children of the Watch, Bo-Katan, and her assembled Mandalorians. I enjoyed it, but if I’m being honest, I enjoyed the first two seasons more. Or maybe I was just side-tracked by the simultaneously-running The Bad Batch, which, if I’m again being honest, was far more compelling to me for some reason. Go figure.

So Bo-Katan didn’t have to fight Din for the dark saber. I thought it was a fairly clever way of getting it back into her hands, as Din never wanted it in the first place.

There was a lot of Bo-Katan in this season, naturally, as she aspires to unite the Mandalorians; but since Din had the dark saber for most of the season, her people trickled away. I found it ironic that Bo-Katan and her people initially ridiculed the Children of the Watch for their silly ways–their no-removing-the-helmet rule, their saying “This is the way,” etc. But she didn’t have a particular laser sword, so she can’t lead them? Mandalorians are weird, lol. But it wasn’t until they were willing to set aside their respective rules–Bo-Katan keeping her helmet on while with the Children, and the Armorer accepting that she straddles both worlds and should take it off and unite them–that they find success.

I never really liked Bo-Katan in the animated series. The fact that she was opposed to her peace-loving sister Satine (who, um, wanted to unite Mandalore) and joined Death Watch and initially supported Maul made her more than a bit villainous to me. She came around in the last season of Clone Wars as she fought Maul with Ahsoka, and then received the dark saber from Sabine in Rebels. In The Mandalorian, her character arc came full circle as she ‘fessed up to her past mistakes and worked to bring Mandalorians together. She even earned Din’s respect, and he hers. It was nice to see.

Din’s character on the other hand fell a bit flat for me this season. He sought redemption in the Living Waters on Mandalore and received it within a couple of episodes. I was kind of hoping he’d move beyond that, join Bo-Katan and her people and remove the helmet, but no. He’s remained staunch about the rules, lol. I suppose the Children are the people who saved and raised him, so their traditions run deep in his bones. Mostly, I just wanted to see Pedro Pascal’s face again, but oh well.

“No. No. No. No. No.” Grogu is a Jedilorian.

Grogu is, of course, as adorable as ever. He’s grown, too, stronger in the Force and not needing a nap right after using it. He’s starting to come into his own, with the paintball competition with Paz’s son, going to find Bo-Katan with R5 when Din was in trouble, and helping Din and Bo-Katan fight off Gideon. He’s a big, helpful boy, lol. And I loved his new ride in IG-11. I was hoping for his first words, but I didn’t expect them to be “yes” and “no” in IG’s voice. Grogu is a new sort of Mandalorian–one who is clearly not human, first of all (and I love that he was accepted as Din’s apprentice without hesitation or comment on that), and he clearly has Jedi sensibilities. Not just his Force abilities, but the fact that he makes Jedi-like choices. When Axe and Paz were having their silly fight about a game, none of the Mandalorians intervened–that’s not what you do–but Grogu did. I was so proud in that moment! That’s our boy.

Moff Gideon in his beskar-plated armor. He wanted to combine the strengths of the Jedi and the Mandalorians without understanding the cultural significance of any of them. Typical of the Imperials–taking without understanding.

The finale was a great episode, with lots of action and plot resolution, but it did seem rushed a bit. I was surprised that the dark saber was destroyed, but I suppose it’s symbolic. Mandalorians don’t need their “trinkets,” as Gideon called it, at least not anymore. Gideon’s clones were super creepy, but were destroyed by Din as soon as we learned about them. To my surprise, the season ended with a happy ending–Gideon was killed (unless one of his weird clones somehow escaped and shows up later), his Mandalorian base and clones destroyed, no good guys were killed (at least main characters), and the Mandalorians relit the Great Forge. Din and Grogu got a nice little cottage on Nevarro, and it seemed like a series finale more than anything else. Will we get a Season 4, or will their story continue in the Filoni Mandoverse movie? It truly doesn’t matter to me; I’m just kind of relieved it ended on a positive note. After the trauma of The Bad Batch, I don’t think I could have taken more tragedy.

A few last thoughts:

  • That pirate king who looked like plastic Easter grass–wow, lol. The camp was strong in that one.
  • Some complained about the CSI-like episode of “Guns for Hire,” but I thought it was refreshing. The appearance of Lizzo and Jack Black were a bit jarring, but I’ll chalk it up to more Star Wars goofiness.
  • R5 referred to as a “hero of the Rebellion” warmed my heart.
  • I loved the Dr. Pershing episode of “The Convert.” I always love seeing Coruscant. I didn’t trust Elia Kane for a second. She’s creepy.
  • Zeb! Purgill! I just can’t wait for the Ahsoka series.
  • The Mythosaur was cool. I thought we’d see somebody riding it into battle, like Boba on his rancor, but that’s probably for another season.
  • The Armorer fighting with just her tools is incredible. Don’t mess with her, lol.
  • Kelleran Beq! I wasn’t familiar with the character, but now I am and I love him. So glad for Ahmed Best, who deserves all the love.
  • The Shadow Council was intriguing. Seeing Brendol Hux, Armitage Hux’s father, is a nice tie-in to the sequels. And Pellaon–Thrawn is near!

I think that’s about it. What did you think of Season 3 overall? What’s your favorite moment? Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it!

9 thoughts on “The Mandalorian Season 3 Thoughts

  1. Sorry for previous text comment. Maybe I can post better thoughts now. WordPress comments have been super sketchy.

    I think one of the more interesting takeaways from this season wasn’t entirely just to do with the Mandalorians themselves, but the way they had to take matters into their own hands with Gorian Shard because the New Republic is sclerotic and being deliberately sabotaged by Imperial sympathizing fifth columnists exploiting its amnesty programs. It felt like a precursor as to why Leia had to similarly do so in organizing the Resistance in the sequels: the NR won’t fight to preserve itself or freedom in the galaxy, so others have to.

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    1. Agreed. It was nice seeing that starting to play out in the show. By the time of the book Bloodline, which is about 7 years before The Force Awakens, you can really see the apathy and corruption in the New Republic Senate. Thanks for reading.


  2. I agree with you about Din feeling flat this season. Honestly I think that effected some of my usual love for the show and Bo-Katan (and maybe just too much time between seasons overall.)
    And I hated the armorer being like oh yeah you can take your helmet off cause you walk in both worlds. What?
    Din takes his off for five seconds and he’s not a Mandalorian anymore but Bo-Katan, with all her messy history wears it for five minutes and it’s like yeah we’re good with you go lead us with your helmet off because you aren’t also currently on a major HBO show and we can get you. Ugh.
    There’s just so much potential and depth to be mined here and they didn’t seem to bother.

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    1. Yeah, the Armorer confused me a bit this season, I couldn’t get a grip on her character. I do feel like the plot was rushed this season, or rather, the finale was rushed to tie everything up.


  3. I thought this season was good but nothing special really. It’s nice that we got to see character development outside of Din and Grogu this season which I think was needed. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next season and whether that will be the last? I’m just really hyped for Ahsoka and The Acolyte lol

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